Tuesday, 1 November 2016

October 31, 2016- California Sacramento Mission

Dear family,
This is it. This is my last message to you all as an authorized representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am humbled to be such. I wish to send to you all a poem that I read at the beginning of my mission. This poem describes the kind of missionary I wished to have been for the people of Sacramento.  it is called "The Marks of a Man."
Marks Of A Man
As I jumped on board my flight from Miami to Salt Lake City, I paused for a moment to catch my breath. Seated near the front of the plane was an excited young man, probably 19, sitting with his parents. His hair was short and his clothes new and sharp. His suit was fitted perfectly and his black shoes still retained that store bought shine. His body was in good shape, his face clear, and his hands clean. In his eyes I could see a nervous look, and his movements were that of an actor on opening night.
He was obviously flying to Utah to become a missionary for the Mormon Church. I smiled as I walked by and took pride in belonging to this same Church where these young men and women voluntarily serve the Savior for two years. With this special feeling, I continued to the back where my seat was located.
As I sat in my seat, I looked to the right and to my surprise, saw another missionary sleeping in the window seat. His hair was also short, but that was the only similarity between the two. This one was obviously returning home, and I could tell at a glance what type of missionary he had been.
The fact that he was already asleep told me a lot. His entire body seemed to let out a big sigh. It looked as if this was the first time in two years he had even slept, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was. As I looked at his face, I could see the heavy bags under his eyes, the chapped lips, and the scarred and sunburned face caused by the fierce Florida sun.
His suit was tattered and worn. A few of the seams were coming apart, and I noticed that there were a couple of tears that had been hand-sewn with a very sloppy stitch.
I saw the nametag, crooked, scratched and bearing the name of the Church he represented, the engraving of which was almost all worn away. I saw the knee of his pants, worn and white, the result of many hours of humble prayer.
A tear came to my eye as I saw the things that really told me what kind of missionary he had been. I saw the marks that made this boy, a man. His feet - the two that had carried him from house to house, now lay there swollen and tired. They were covered by a pair of worn-out shoes. Many of the large scrapes and gouges had been filled in by the countless number of polishings.
His books - laying across his lap were his scriptures, the word of God. Once new, these books which testify of Jesus Christ and His mission, were now torn, bent, and ragged from use.
His hands - those big, strong hands, which had been used to bless and teach, were now scarred and cut from knocking at doors.
Those were indeed the marks of that man. And as I looked at him, I saw the marks of another man, the Savior, as he was hanging on the cross for the sins of the world.
His feet - those that had once carried him throughout the land during his ministry, were now nailed to the cross.
His side - now pierced with a spear. Sealing his gospel, his testimony with his life.
His hands - the hands that had been used to ordain his servants and bless the sick were also scarred with the nails that were pounded to hang him on the cross.
Those were the marks of that great man.
As my mind returned to the missionary, my whole body seemed to swell with pride and joy, because I knew, by looking at him, that he had served his Master well.
My joy was so great, I felt like running to the front of the plane, grabbing that new, young missionary, and bringing him back to see what he can become, what he can do.
But would he see the things that I saw, could anyone see the things I saw? Or would he just see the outward appearance of that mighty elder, tired and worn out, almost dead.
As we landed, I reached over and tapped him to wake him up. As he awoke, it seemed like new life was entering his body. His whole frame just seemed to fill as he stood up, tall and proud. As he turned his face towards mine, I saw a light about his face that I had never seen before. I looked into his eyes. Those eyes, I will never forget those eyes. They were the eyes of a prophet, a leader, a follower, and a servant. They were the eyes of the Savior. No words were spoken. No words were needed.
As we unloaded, I stepped aside to let him go first. I watched as he walked, slow but steady, tired but strong. I followed him and found myself walking the way that he did. When I came through the doors, I saw this young man in the arms of his parents, and I couldn't hold it any longer.
With tears streaming down my face, I watched these loving parents greet their son who had been away for a short time. And I wondered if our parents in Heaven would greet us the same way. Will they wrap their arms around us and welcome us home from our journey on earth? I believe they will. I just hope that I can be worthy enough to receive such praise, as I'm sure this missionary will.
I said a silent prayer, thanking the Lord for missionaries like this young man. I don't think I will ever forget the joy and happiness he brought me that day.
David Bryan Wiser?

I wished to be that tired worn out missionary by time my two years was up. I love my mission. This two year "sacrifice" has not been a sacrifice at all. But rather it has been the biggest blessing and most important time in my life. These two years have been a gift from my Heavenly Father that will last me an eternity. And I want to thank EVERYBODY that was apart of that. 
I testify of the reality of the Son of the Living God. Jesus Christ lives. As assuredly as we live, he does too with a perfected and glorified body. His infinite sacrifice we call the Atonement has been the source of my strength and comfort. Heavenly Father loves each of us. He is aware of us. He answers our sincere prayers. We can go to him at any point in time. I know I have need of Him everyday. 
I testify of the divinity of this church- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This is His church. It is the "only true and living church." It was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. I love that man for his love of the Lord and strict obedience to His command. The Book of Mormon is the word of God and "any man can get closer to God by abiding by its precepts than by any other book." Everything I know about the Savior have come out of the sacred records we call the scriptures. 
This has been the most amazing experience of my life. I Love the Gospel. I am Grateful for priesthood Covenants. 
I will see you all this weekend :) 
Elder Nathan Michael Kristensen 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

October 24, 2016-Harvest Festival

Dear family, 
Great week. Not a lot of time to talk about it. We did a lot of cool things though. First off we did a sweet service project. It was a community harvest festival with everyone coming dressed up in Halloween costumes. We were able to run booths and talk to lots of people. Exposure in the community is always a good thing. 
Funny story, we went to give a challenge to a member in our Ward that we were suppose to extend on behalf of our stake president. As we sat down with this couple we felt the spirit super strong. Plus this couple seemed fairly knowledgeable. We taught them the message and they gladly accepted. When we asked about the follow up we got some interesting information back. Turns out the husband is elder Watkins the area seventy for Northern California. He also is over all the institutes for California. Yikes. But I learned something. I recognized how powerful that relationship with his wife was and how powerful their relationship is with the savior Jesus Christ. Living the gospel of Jesus Christ is what got them there. 
As I continued through out the week my patriarchal blessing and my temple Covenants often came to mind. The promised blessings from those sacred covenants and blessings promised me in my blessing are far too great and far too joyous to even think about sacrificing because of some erroneous information or weakness I may have. The things the Lord has in store for me are far to great for me to ever walk away from him and his restored church. Thus I will continue to boldly sing "I will never no never, I'll never no never, I'll never no never, I'll never forsake."  He lives, and he is the savior of the world, The Son of the  living God. I love this gospel. It eternally true. 
Here are some pictures !
The pumpkin patch and a visit from some friends. :) 
Elder kristensen

October 17, 2016-I Met Superman

This week was fantastic! The only unusual thing that took place was my departing interview with president Jardine. I love my mission president. I am eternally grateful for the contribution he has made in ensuring that I am on the covenant path to eternal life. It is through priesthood leaders that we can be reassured that we are taking the right steps to return to our Father in Heaven. And for you all that don't know I will be arriving home November 5th to Edmonton Alberta. 
It finally rained in Sacramento valley. It's been months. We got absolutely drenched. It made it a lot of fun. But elder M hates the rain. So he wasn't to happy. Worth it. 
I don't have much to say other than I am grateful to continue serving the Lord. I am grateful for the path of discipleship that brings more peace to my life than anything else. I'll leave you with the words of my mission president. He said "your success in life will depend on your success in the gospel of Jesus Christ." I testify that that is true. He will make more out of our lives than we could ever on our own. 
Love you all ! 
This is our boy A. We see him every Wednesday at dinner. We love this guy. 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

September 26, 2016-Apple Hill!

Good day family and friends ! 
It was another good week . Transfers took place and luckily I dodged transfers. My companions are still elder D and elder M. I love those two. It has been fun being in a trio. It doesn't really get old. 
This week was exhausting, but it was the first week this transfer that we didn't have some kind of meeting that we had to attend.  So we took the chance to work in some of the other missionaries areas. Which was odd because it brought tons of blessings into ours ! Truly Heavenly Father blesses us for working in others areas. 
I had kind of another interesting Sunday with revelation. Among the couple of things i received, the most important took place in fast and testimony meeting. We have a man in our Ward with Down syndrome who bore his testimony. He bore an amazing testimony . Honestly it didn't make a lot of sense , but at the beginning he said something profound that pricked my heart and pierced my soul. He said " I love my testimony." Immediately the thought came " do I love my testimony ?" Then the voice of the spirit said "do you love the testimony I have given you ?" 
I'm someone who always wants more knowledge and information etc, and when you are like that you tend to forget what you already have. And it was such a blessing to be able to take that opportunity to then witness to the con generation and to my Heavenly Father that I do love my testimony . 
And I'll share that with you also. I love my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although that testimony has made me do some hard things, it has made everything worth it. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true. 

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

September 19, 2016-Service in Gold Country

I don't have anytime , I am so sorry. I have had another service project today so We haven't had another p-day. But honestly it's been the first time in my mission where I've served at a time where I haven't necessarily had to be serving. And honestly it has been a big blessing to me and a learning curve.  But I don't have time to talk ... Here are pictures !!! 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

September 12, 2016- Sly Park Party

Today has been wild ! We got ourselves signed up for a world gold panning championship up here in the hills of el dorado. We have spent almost all of p-day help set up. That was quite the blast ! I didn't even realize how much Mormons influenced the sEttlement of California and gold rush. 
This week went well. We had a zone conference focused on Doctrine and Covenants 18:10 which states " the worth  of a soul is great in the sight of God." We talked a lot about the people whom we serve and their individual worth to our loving father in heaven. I have learned incontrovertibly  that Heavenly Father knows us each very personally and is preparing each of his children to receive of his gospel message. No matter who they are Or whatever part of the world they may be in, he is making ways to reach them. Social media is another one of those tools that has fulfilled prophecy in ensuring that the gospel is taken to the four quarters of the earth. Even to those places where missionaries cannot go. 
I also want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. It means a ton seriously !! I had a great day! I got harassed at zone conference because it was my birthday . President made sure to tell everyone there. Later that evening I had delicious birthday food with the bishop from the Ysa Ward ! 
Also on p-day we went up to sly lake as a zone and went on a big hike and had a bbq at a members house ! That was a ton of fun.  Anyways here's some pictures. 

September 5, 2017- America Ninja Warrior

Dear family and friends ! 
It was a wonderful week in el dorado county ! We did an Mlc goal setting .which went okay. I m getting a little tired of meetings because Wednesday we had a 
two week new missionary meeting. Honestly this week was a pretty normal week other than that. Although I did receive An increased testimony of sincere prayers.
As a missionary we pray all the time. It becomes such a normal thing that sometimes for myself , I become repetitive or I don't put enough thought into what I've been asking and thanking Heavenly Father for. Something that was said in church was "people make time for things that are important to them." I had found myself sometimes running out of time at night to say a prayer or In the morning. So I first made the decision to not let anything restrict my time with personal prayer. Speaking with Heavenly Father is one of the most important things to me , and I wasn't making enough time for that sacred conversation. And truly my prayers have become sacred as I have truly recognized my weakness and have petitioned my Heavenly Father for the grace of the savior . I need his help so badly. And I am, grateful for the time I put into that ! 
This week we are looking forward to a few things ! One of them is zone conference on Wednesday ! I'll let ya know how that goes. But I love you all! 
Oh ya on Tuesday we as a Ward missionaries with our Ward mission leader made an activity. If any of you have seen American ninja warrior. That's what it was. But with a lot of Ysa kids and non members 

August 29, 2016- Is It Possible to be This Tired?

SO, I don't have a lot of time so here it goes. 
This week we had an insane week of non-stop running around. This week we had to get ready for two baptisms, be trained how to use Facebook, clean up Facebook profiles, train the rest of the missionaries how to use Facebook in proselyting, watch 20 videos on it , help other people clean up their Facebook according to guidlines given to us and still find , teach, baptize ! 
So  basically don't ever let 12 year olds get Facebook... I had to do social media repentance and sanctify 8 years worth of face booking. By far one of the most embarrassing moments of my mission. I am so sorry to all those who were friends with me on Facebook previous to my mission. Yikes. Consider this to be my apology. 
Facebook will be good . I can use it as a proselyting tool to answer any of my family and friends gospel related questions. 
We also had the two baptisms which went great ! K has quite the story and you can tell by how many missionaries she went through ! We just happened to be the lucky ones to reap the harvest. H is also one of the most humble and obedient son of a loving God that I know ! He would do anything to be right with the lord. 
I also want to share a brief experience with you that I had on Sunday that I now consider sacred. But I feel prompted to share as I know many others struggle with the same issue. I have a hard time seeing people lose testimony of the prophet Joseph smith and Jesus Christ, who they once loved and revered,  over things we don't fully understand or things that are part truths or wrong all together. As we had some experience with that subject this week my mind was troubled. After a correlation meeting with the stake president I walked past the chapel to hear an amazing rendition of the song "homeward bound." Although, the words were different. They were too the words "Joseph smiths first prayer." I cannot begin to explain to you what it felt like. But it was the softest reassurance. A reassurance strong enough to put my troubled heart at rest. I bear testimony that the first vision of Joseph smith is a reality and is a testimony of a loving Heavenly Father and our savior Jesus Christ. I bear testimony that regardless of what the worlds view is on the commandments or any modern revelation, they are from almighty God . He knows us, He loves us, and wants to protect us. And he knows how to do it best. I promise that any one can know of the calling of the prophet Joseph regardless of what the discrepancies or concerns may be. Concerns always get worked out. Just keep reading. Keep praying. 
Looking forward to another good week ! Love you all! 

August 22, 2016- FACEBOOK

What a great week it has been in the world of a mission ! 
So the big announcement that was had at the beginning of the month is that we are 1 of the 15 missions in the worlds that are receiving the new Facebook program the church has revised. So next week I will be on Facebook. I will have more details about it tomorrow. But because I am serving the Lord I will only be able to contact you over emails on Monday. So you still contact me only here !! 
Also we had a ton of meetings this week between new missionary meetings and new leadership training and iPad set ups. But yet it was still a successful week. 
Our first contact was with K who is awesome ! She is someone the elders in the GreenValley Ward before us was teaching . We extended a date and she openly accepted. But then during one of our meetings she texted and said she no longer would meet with us and go to church or get baptized because her family is so opposed to her getting baptized. 
So we stopped by with a member. And talked with her. We worked out her concerns and now she has been interviewed by president Jardine and getting baptized next week ! She is courageously moving forward with faith. It is amazing ! 
Also our good friend HB  got interviewed for baptism next weekend ! So that should happen also. 
We met another person from Canada ! Brother P from airdre Alberta ! Super random but super cool guy ! We have a couple mutual friends. His child also had a hurt foot and they had no idea what was wrong with it .... He couldn't even walk. No weight on it . So he asked if we could give him a priesthood blessing. We did and we left. That next Sunday we saw his kid running around on his foot . And we asked brother P about it  and he said ten minutes after the blessing he was on his foot running. How amazing is that miracle ?!?
I just want to testify of the restored priesthood of God. Miracles such as those don't just happen by chance. Gods hand is so involved in our lives. And the priesthood is the power and authority that God can authorize and organize his work. The priesthood can allow us to bless others lives, therefore blessing our own. The priesthood keys are only found in the Lords restored church, The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints , and provides safety to families. by this same power people can eternally bind themselves to God through priesthood covenants and bind families together . 
I love you all ! Until next week ! 
Here's more pictures of our mission leadership !! 

August 15, 2016-WE HAVE A SURPRISE

Hello everyone ! 
It was a great week. We said good bye to our beloved elder R. who, returned home on Saturday. His two year mission was completed . We also said good bye to a lot of other amazing missionaries who have done a great job. A lot of very close friends. 
But regardless it was good ! That also means transfers happened ! Yup. Elder K got transferred which is heart breaking. But he only moved done the hill to Folsom. So I'll see him every Sunday . So it's not " good bye," but just "see ya next week !" 
He will be missed . Transfer calls came in Saturday night. I am getting elder M who I love very very much ! I spent a lot of time with him in north Sacramento. I also found out I'm training again! We  are training in a trio !! I also have elder D who is brand new as of yesterday !! I am super excited to train. We also now cover a family Ward and the shingle springs Ysa Ward. 
I don't have much time  but cool miracle, first contact we had as a trio accepted a baptismal day for the 27th of August and set up daily contact which is great. Gotta go but here are a few pictures !! 

August 8, 2016- It's Hot...

Hello family and friends ! 
It has been an incredibly busy week this week. It was zone training time. So we had MLC ( mission leadership council ). What an amazing meeting that was  Filled with revelatory experiences. The spirit was so strong ! It was really quite refreshing actually. 
There was some big news announced at this meeting to the zone leaders and sister training leaders. I'll save it for next time. 
Along with Mlc comes with planning for zone training on that following Friday. Also went splendid. Sister Lillie from Edmonton is the sister training leader in our zone , so it's a little strange having someone from the same place as you. 
We were trained on the proper use of technology or what the church has called it " safeguards for using technology ." We have been reading out of the booklet for the last year but president felt inspired to train on it again and helped us realize how important it is to live the safe guards provided for us not only here and now but especially as we arrive home. Technology is here to stay, so we must learn how to use it properly without falling into the temptations of Satan.  I am so blessed to be in a mission with these technologies to help prepare for my life to come. That was actually something president Jardine had said- that his main job was to ensure that we can become the eternal companions we are suppose to become. A little heavy but true. My life is being molded by the atonement and by the experiences I'm having here to set me up for life. 
I made sacred covenants in the temple before I left and my dad told me my mission is where I was going to learn to keep those sacred covenants. And that is exactly what has happened. 
The other half of zone training and Mlc was a huge focus on repentance and the principles to repentance . If we want to "teach repentance and baptize converts" we actually have to know how to teach repentance and fully.  We also have to apply those steps in our own lives which are : 
Godly sorrow 
Keep the commandments. 
This is the pattern for receiving peace and joy in this life. Through the saviors atonement mercy can over power justice. Peace can fill us and drive us to go another day. We cannot merit anything of our own, and through repentance we allow the savior to change us and to heal us . It's a real thing the relief of proper repentance brings blessings we never thought we could have, and lightens a load that we never thought we had.  Only through the grace of Jesus Christ we are able to complete the beautiful process of repentance.  As we "bury our weapons of war," truly "confess and for sake" our sin, and "(seek) forgiveness with real intent (we will) be forgiven." The scriptures have always told us to "just repent" and we will prosper. Repentance is not the back up plan IT IS THE PLAN, even the plan of salvation and happiness. I know that the Lords  forgiveness will perfect and complete our lives. 
I love you all ! This week was awesome.  Things are moving long in the hills.... But why does it have to be so hot ? 
This is the California Sacramento leadership. Some of the finest in the world. 

August 1, 2016-Another Week?!

Hey family !  
I have to make this fast because I'm running out of time.  
So this week not a bunch interesting happened . It was just a super successful week  In the sense of teaching and finding . This week was also super hot. But I just want bare my testimony of the plan of salvation. No body can find the faults in the restored plan of happiness and associated covenants that bind us to our Heavenly Father. Knowing  where I came from, why I'm here and where I'm going has been a huge foundation in my life in making decisions . An eternal perspective will lead us to making the decisions most worth making in this life that lead to peace. Jesus Christ is central to the plan and is the only way of finding eternal life and peace in this life. I testify he lived and he died- but unlike any other he rose again. Perfected and exalted. He is the light and life of the world and no one cometh unto the father but by him. Covenants is how we go through him to return to our father in the celestial kingdom with our eternal families. I can't even begin to explain how precious that knowledge has become to me and each person that I have taught. 
Love you all ! 
Elder kristensen

Saturday, 6 August 2016

July 25, 2016- Marriage and Baptisms

Dear family ,
Before I say anything about my week , I want to throw out a a tribute to my older Kyle kristensen who is now married to my beautiful sister in law, Cassie. Kyle, I love you. I love you for the eternities. I can't even begin to explain the profound influence you have had in my life in helping me become what I am supposed to be. I am grateful that we have gained the friendship we have. Thank you for being there... Always. And Cassie, I dont know if you read my emails but I hope you know you are the best thing that could have happened to my older brother during this time of his life. I am grateful to have another sister. I always said one was  enough, but I can settle with another! You are my family. Thank you for all you have done with us. I am bummed that I missed your wedding. 
But the Lord knew I would miss it so he gave us an incredible week !
I'm just going to give you the bullet points because it's a lot . Then I'll brake it down . 
  • Went into a gold mine as a zone 
  • exchanges with the assistant to the president 
  • Thrift shop service 
  • Upper room service ( Catholic Church building feeding food to the poor )
  • Interviews with president 
  • BAPTISM ( I had to speak) 
  • Sacrament (I also had to give a talk on elder snows general conference talk "be thou humble")
So I will first tell you about how amazing interviews were first. I love my mission president and it is incredible how much love he has for us as missionaries. I cannot believe it. Truly my mission call was inspired, I know that I was meant to be sent to the people I have met and associated with here. 
Next, the baptism I attended and spoke at. It was RTs baptism. I taught him in the natomas 3rd Ward for 4 months. HIS FIRST PRESIDENCY APPROVAL FINALLY CAME IN. Yup . there were a crazy amount of people at his baptism. A lot of people from the prison branch presidency came. This was probably one of the most spiritual baptisms I have ever attended. I am grateful that the lord gave me something special the day my brother got married. Softens the blow a little bit haha 
I love you all ! I'm sorry I have to cut it short! 
Here's also an 1840 edition of the Book of Mormon . 

Mr. And mrs. Kristensen

July 18, 2016-Adventures of the House of Israel Hunters

Okay this will have to be a quick one because we went on another adventure today ! 
I don't know if any of you know but I'm serving in the Wild West where all the gold mining took place . But I'll tell you about that next week.
Fun fact one of my old Ward mission leaders just got called as a mission president ! 
 This week was a tough week with a few trials and a disturbing lesson. But it is amazing how much the mission is a refiners fire. We get beat up and thrown into heat but come out more purified and refined.  And I have seen that over and over again in the mission. We also saw some unfortunate things go on in the zone with some people having their baptisms delayed. But no worries . 
I just want to bear testimony of the gift, power and influence of the Holy Ghost which speaks with such perfect power. His role is to push us or entice to do the things which are right in the sight of our eternal God. The prompting a of the Holy Ghost are so soft and quite but powerful enough to silence any fear. Give motivation to over come any trial. And has the ability to fill us with the love of God and the testimony of his reality. They are not fake promptings but they are very real. It is  given to us as we seek for the Holy Ghost. We will feel the influence of the Holy Ghost as we live worthily of it by keeping the commandments, making covenants through proper authority, and pressing forward enduring to the end. I have felt of his influence this week. He is real . And anybody can experience this great joy ! 
Love you all ! 
Elder kristensen 
Our back yard 

Friday, 15 July 2016

July 11, 2016- The Land Bountiful

Hello family ! 
It has been such a cool week. I'm glad to be back in the hills. I definitely have missed them. It feels weird coming back to the type of area I started my mission in but it has helped me see my growth also. We have seen a huge spark of excitement in the el dorado zone this new transfer as we chose to focus on the need for extending baptismal invitations to people. We have already seen tons of miracles. Even in our own area that has been struggling. Some how the lord worked it out where we have added a bunch of new investigators and have a potential baptism for the 30th of July
The Ward is awesome. I have already met tons of people whom I love ! Plus living in the middle of no where is great. One night after planning I
We jumped into the bed of our truck and we star gazed as an apartment of four. 'Twas a good bro moment for all of us and quite unifying ! 
I was able to attend a leadership meeting and I saw elder H , who has now been called as a district leader ! So cool to see his growth from when I trained him first in the mission. Elder T has also been called as a district leader. Glad to see that. I've seen so much growth in both of those companions . 
It helped me in my testimony in the savior and his ability to change people through the atonement of Jesus Christ. We also had to write a page about the atonement to president Jardine . As I was writing and completed writing my page, I realized everything I knew about the atonement of Jesus Christ was from the pages of modern scripture , especially the Book of Mormon. The bible tells the beautiful  story of the saviors sacrifice, but the Book of Mormon tells of the divine ability and role He has in cleansing our lives. Even to the purification and perfecting of our souls. The Book of Mormon  outlines exactly what mankind must do to receive peace in this life and eternal life in the time to come. I know that it is only through the atonement of our savior that any of us can achieve the pursuit of happiness.  we can discover these doctrines most clearly through the words of the divinely appointed record known as the Book of Mormon. 
Love you all ! Here are pictures ! 
Back in the land of Zion. 
Elder kristensen . 
Yes my companion and I are twins. 

July 4, 2016- "Run to the Hills!"

Hello my family and friends ! 
Another great week in restoring and gathering scattered Israel! It was for the most part a wonderful week. But there seemed to be a lingering of uneasiness as we approached July 3. The day of transfer calls. We focused and worked as if nothing was happening but , something was still going to happen so you couldnt avoid it. Saturday was the worst. I feel as though the longer I've been on my mission the more transfers seem to hang over me like a black rain cloud that  hanging over me. But in the end it brings some rain , and as a consequence, there is growth. Although when it seems to rain at transfer time ... It pours.  
I received a transfer call from president Jardine. My new area is shingle springs YSA in the el dorado hills zone. I have been called as a zoneleader. My new companion is elder K from American fork utah. Some fun facts about my area :
-I can see my first area (ione and Jackson area ) from where we live which is in the middle of the woods at a members home in a little house they built in the back. it sits up on a hill. It feels so cool to back in an area that is so much like my first area. Same beautiful scenes. Same kind of work ! 
-I am now in ysa work (young single adult Ward). I think it's funny because I kind of disliked Ysa wards before my mission. So Heavenly Father  placed me in a Ysa to learn to love Ysa ! I am actually quite excited. 
-I came into east sac when elder K first started his mission. We have followed each other around since over to north sac... And now we are companions ! So excited. I love this elder ! It made the transfer easier to swallow. 

I do have to say transfers have been some of the most heartbreaking times on my mission. Every transfer a piece of your heart gets scooped out and left in the area. So I just want to thank natomas 3rd Ward and tala'ofa for everything they did for me. I know I could have done more in those areas. But I did gain such an appreciation for all those who loved me and my companion, and took us in as if we were one of their own. And that is a understatement . Truly I feel as Ammon and his brethren felt after they had finished their work converting the lamanites to the anti-nephi-Lehi. Mormon said that those whom Ammon served and so "dearly beloved" -loved him Also "for they were treated as though they were angels sent from God." Alma27:4. 
Truly that is how I have felt in both wards. I love you guys with my whole soul! 

Also I want to give a  tribute to my companion elder Y who is literally a born natural at missionary work. All I had to do was show him and he'd do it. As if it needed no practice. When he knew better, he did better. Which is the very thing elder Lawrence from the 70 said was the key attribute of Christ. Not only is  he a great missionary, but also my brother and friend. I know he's got my back. He would do anything to help me become better. He taught me a lot of things about giving that I may not have learned from anyone else. 

Here are some pictures : 

Love you all - elder kristensen 

June 27, 2016- Elder Ross

"If you want to go fast , you go alone.  if you want to go far , you go together " African proverb .

The name of this email has nothing to do with this email. 
 So a lot of exciting things happened this week in the mission.
Elder Lawrence from the first quorum of the seventy came and did a mission tour. That Zone conference melted my brain with delicious knowledge of the gospel and the twelve tribes of Israel. Sister Lawrence first got up and taught us the Old Testament, New Testament and the restoration of the gospel as prophesied in a a matter of two hours. She talked to us a ton of the scattering and gathering of Israel and helped us realize the very serious reality of our role in gathering scattered Israel. I wish I had the time to tell you all about it because it made all of the gospel make so much sense including a lot of the idioms that we use. But all and all just know that scattered Israel is being gathered and the Book of Mormon is the proof of the gathering beginning ! 
Elder Lawrence got up and talked about the needs of the mission.  He first talked about how he no longer had to do "missionary training 101" but our mission is now on "missionary training 301." We were advancing from the law of obedience to the law of sacrifice. He says now it's time to lay things on the alter of sacrifice that will help us now be more centered on the work. So we all have had to chose one thing this week. Some are offering up some of their music choices, and others maybe drinking soda. I know of a few elders breaking up with their girlfriends. All so that they can sacrifice and become more dedicated to the work. I have made my own personal sacrifice. And I have chosen something that I know I need help from the atonement of Jesus Christ. And the only  way I will overcome my weakness is throughout the Saviors atonement . So it'll be one of cool to see the change begin over time. 
But that was probably the biggest thing we learned was the importance of sacrifice. 
Sacrifice in our lives to do the Lords will brings blessings."sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven." This is an eternal truth taught by the savior himself where he says if any man will lose himself for the lords sake shall find himself. And I know that to be true ! I'm discovering more about myself every single day that I didn't know about ! 
Also another miracle . We chose Asa district to do a district fast. In which we fasted for 3 people to be baptized this month who had not yet accepted baptism. That Sunday 2 of the three people accepted baptism and I did one of the baptismal interviews. We had to have a translated because she was Spanish. But we had one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission as we heard her bare her testimony. She chose not to get baptized. But then she went on a temple tour and when she heard of the sealing power that is within the walls of the temple she knew that is what she wanted. It was incredible to hear of the spiritual experience she had at the temple. 
Love y'all ! It's getting hot here ! 
Elder kristensen