Friday, 15 July 2016

July 11, 2016- The Land Bountiful

Hello family ! 
It has been such a cool week. I'm glad to be back in the hills. I definitely have missed them. It feels weird coming back to the type of area I started my mission in but it has helped me see my growth also. We have seen a huge spark of excitement in the el dorado zone this new transfer as we chose to focus on the need for extending baptismal invitations to people. We have already seen tons of miracles. Even in our own area that has been struggling. Some how the lord worked it out where we have added a bunch of new investigators and have a potential baptism for the 30th of July
The Ward is awesome. I have already met tons of people whom I love ! Plus living in the middle of no where is great. One night after planning I
We jumped into the bed of our truck and we star gazed as an apartment of four. 'Twas a good bro moment for all of us and quite unifying ! 
I was able to attend a leadership meeting and I saw elder H , who has now been called as a district leader ! So cool to see his growth from when I trained him first in the mission. Elder T has also been called as a district leader. Glad to see that. I've seen so much growth in both of those companions . 
It helped me in my testimony in the savior and his ability to change people through the atonement of Jesus Christ. We also had to write a page about the atonement to president Jardine . As I was writing and completed writing my page, I realized everything I knew about the atonement of Jesus Christ was from the pages of modern scripture , especially the Book of Mormon. The bible tells the beautiful  story of the saviors sacrifice, but the Book of Mormon tells of the divine ability and role He has in cleansing our lives. Even to the purification and perfecting of our souls. The Book of Mormon  outlines exactly what mankind must do to receive peace in this life and eternal life in the time to come. I know that it is only through the atonement of our savior that any of us can achieve the pursuit of happiness.  we can discover these doctrines most clearly through the words of the divinely appointed record known as the Book of Mormon. 
Love you all ! Here are pictures ! 
Back in the land of Zion. 
Elder kristensen . 
Yes my companion and I are twins. 

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