Thursday, 15 September 2016

August 8, 2016- It's Hot...

Hello family and friends ! 
It has been an incredibly busy week this week. It was zone training time. So we had MLC ( mission leadership council ). What an amazing meeting that was  Filled with revelatory experiences. The spirit was so strong ! It was really quite refreshing actually. 
There was some big news announced at this meeting to the zone leaders and sister training leaders. I'll save it for next time. 
Along with Mlc comes with planning for zone training on that following Friday. Also went splendid. Sister Lillie from Edmonton is the sister training leader in our zone , so it's a little strange having someone from the same place as you. 
We were trained on the proper use of technology or what the church has called it " safeguards for using technology ." We have been reading out of the booklet for the last year but president felt inspired to train on it again and helped us realize how important it is to live the safe guards provided for us not only here and now but especially as we arrive home. Technology is here to stay, so we must learn how to use it properly without falling into the temptations of Satan.  I am so blessed to be in a mission with these technologies to help prepare for my life to come. That was actually something president Jardine had said- that his main job was to ensure that we can become the eternal companions we are suppose to become. A little heavy but true. My life is being molded by the atonement and by the experiences I'm having here to set me up for life. 
I made sacred covenants in the temple before I left and my dad told me my mission is where I was going to learn to keep those sacred covenants. And that is exactly what has happened. 
The other half of zone training and Mlc was a huge focus on repentance and the principles to repentance . If we want to "teach repentance and baptize converts" we actually have to know how to teach repentance and fully.  We also have to apply those steps in our own lives which are : 
Godly sorrow 
Keep the commandments. 
This is the pattern for receiving peace and joy in this life. Through the saviors atonement mercy can over power justice. Peace can fill us and drive us to go another day. We cannot merit anything of our own, and through repentance we allow the savior to change us and to heal us . It's a real thing the relief of proper repentance brings blessings we never thought we could have, and lightens a load that we never thought we had.  Only through the grace of Jesus Christ we are able to complete the beautiful process of repentance.  As we "bury our weapons of war," truly "confess and for sake" our sin, and "(seek) forgiveness with real intent (we will) be forgiven." The scriptures have always told us to "just repent" and we will prosper. Repentance is not the back up plan IT IS THE PLAN, even the plan of salvation and happiness. I know that the Lords  forgiveness will perfect and complete our lives. 
I love you all ! This week was awesome.  Things are moving long in the hills.... But why does it have to be so hot ? 
This is the California Sacramento leadership. Some of the finest in the world. 

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