Saturday, 6 August 2016

July 25, 2016- Marriage and Baptisms

Dear family ,
Before I say anything about my week , I want to throw out a a tribute to my older Kyle kristensen who is now married to my beautiful sister in law, Cassie. Kyle, I love you. I love you for the eternities. I can't even begin to explain the profound influence you have had in my life in helping me become what I am supposed to be. I am grateful that we have gained the friendship we have. Thank you for being there... Always. And Cassie, I dont know if you read my emails but I hope you know you are the best thing that could have happened to my older brother during this time of his life. I am grateful to have another sister. I always said one was  enough, but I can settle with another! You are my family. Thank you for all you have done with us. I am bummed that I missed your wedding. 
But the Lord knew I would miss it so he gave us an incredible week !
I'm just going to give you the bullet points because it's a lot . Then I'll brake it down . 
  • Went into a gold mine as a zone 
  • exchanges with the assistant to the president 
  • Thrift shop service 
  • Upper room service ( Catholic Church building feeding food to the poor )
  • Interviews with president 
  • BAPTISM ( I had to speak) 
  • Sacrament (I also had to give a talk on elder snows general conference talk "be thou humble")
So I will first tell you about how amazing interviews were first. I love my mission president and it is incredible how much love he has for us as missionaries. I cannot believe it. Truly my mission call was inspired, I know that I was meant to be sent to the people I have met and associated with here. 
Next, the baptism I attended and spoke at. It was RTs baptism. I taught him in the natomas 3rd Ward for 4 months. HIS FIRST PRESIDENCY APPROVAL FINALLY CAME IN. Yup . there were a crazy amount of people at his baptism. A lot of people from the prison branch presidency came. This was probably one of the most spiritual baptisms I have ever attended. I am grateful that the lord gave me something special the day my brother got married. Softens the blow a little bit haha 
I love you all ! I'm sorry I have to cut it short! 
Here's also an 1840 edition of the Book of Mormon . 

Mr. And mrs. Kristensen

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