Thursday, 15 September 2016

August 22, 2016- FACEBOOK

What a great week it has been in the world of a mission ! 
So the big announcement that was had at the beginning of the month is that we are 1 of the 15 missions in the worlds that are receiving the new Facebook program the church has revised. So next week I will be on Facebook. I will have more details about it tomorrow. But because I am serving the Lord I will only be able to contact you over emails on Monday. So you still contact me only here !! 
Also we had a ton of meetings this week between new missionary meetings and new leadership training and iPad set ups. But yet it was still a successful week. 
Our first contact was with K who is awesome ! She is someone the elders in the GreenValley Ward before us was teaching . We extended a date and she openly accepted. But then during one of our meetings she texted and said she no longer would meet with us and go to church or get baptized because her family is so opposed to her getting baptized. 
So we stopped by with a member. And talked with her. We worked out her concerns and now she has been interviewed by president Jardine and getting baptized next week ! She is courageously moving forward with faith. It is amazing ! 
Also our good friend HB  got interviewed for baptism next weekend ! So that should happen also. 
We met another person from Canada ! Brother P from airdre Alberta ! Super random but super cool guy ! We have a couple mutual friends. His child also had a hurt foot and they had no idea what was wrong with it .... He couldn't even walk. No weight on it . So he asked if we could give him a priesthood blessing. We did and we left. That next Sunday we saw his kid running around on his foot . And we asked brother P about it  and he said ten minutes after the blessing he was on his foot running. How amazing is that miracle ?!?
I just want to testify of the restored priesthood of God. Miracles such as those don't just happen by chance. Gods hand is so involved in our lives. And the priesthood is the power and authority that God can authorize and organize his work. The priesthood can allow us to bless others lives, therefore blessing our own. The priesthood keys are only found in the Lords restored church, The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints , and provides safety to families. by this same power people can eternally bind themselves to God through priesthood covenants and bind families together . 
I love you all ! Until next week ! 
Here's more pictures of our mission leadership !! 

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