Thursday, 15 September 2016

August 29, 2016- Is It Possible to be This Tired?

SO, I don't have a lot of time so here it goes. 
This week we had an insane week of non-stop running around. This week we had to get ready for two baptisms, be trained how to use Facebook, clean up Facebook profiles, train the rest of the missionaries how to use Facebook in proselyting, watch 20 videos on it , help other people clean up their Facebook according to guidlines given to us and still find , teach, baptize ! 
So  basically don't ever let 12 year olds get Facebook... I had to do social media repentance and sanctify 8 years worth of face booking. By far one of the most embarrassing moments of my mission. I am so sorry to all those who were friends with me on Facebook previous to my mission. Yikes. Consider this to be my apology. 
Facebook will be good . I can use it as a proselyting tool to answer any of my family and friends gospel related questions. 
We also had the two baptisms which went great ! K has quite the story and you can tell by how many missionaries she went through ! We just happened to be the lucky ones to reap the harvest. H is also one of the most humble and obedient son of a loving God that I know ! He would do anything to be right with the lord. 
I also want to share a brief experience with you that I had on Sunday that I now consider sacred. But I feel prompted to share as I know many others struggle with the same issue. I have a hard time seeing people lose testimony of the prophet Joseph smith and Jesus Christ, who they once loved and revered,  over things we don't fully understand or things that are part truths or wrong all together. As we had some experience with that subject this week my mind was troubled. After a correlation meeting with the stake president I walked past the chapel to hear an amazing rendition of the song "homeward bound." Although, the words were different. They were too the words "Joseph smiths first prayer." I cannot begin to explain to you what it felt like. But it was the softest reassurance. A reassurance strong enough to put my troubled heart at rest. I bear testimony that the first vision of Joseph smith is a reality and is a testimony of a loving Heavenly Father and our savior Jesus Christ. I bear testimony that regardless of what the worlds view is on the commandments or any modern revelation, they are from almighty God . He knows us, He loves us, and wants to protect us. And he knows how to do it best. I promise that any one can know of the calling of the prophet Joseph regardless of what the discrepancies or concerns may be. Concerns always get worked out. Just keep reading. Keep praying. 
Looking forward to another good week ! Love you all! 

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