Thursday, 25 February 2016

February 22, 2016-Week

Hello family ! 
It has been an exciting !! Here are the highlights ! 
So all week we have been preparing for a couple baptisms and teaching a few appointments. I did go on Hmong exchanges again. But Monday night I burnt my tongue so bad I couldn't taste any food all week long. I could only feel the texture of my food. So that was really sad because we had some incredible meals this week. We even had a Lao dinner with elder P and elder P.   Too bad. Next week ! 
So we had two baptisms planned this week for 11am Saturday and 7 pm . On Friday night at 8:30 pm we were notified that we had to move the baptism to 5 pm. So you could imagine our frantic Friday evening after that. This baptism had been planned for weeks and now we have to change it ?! Ya that was really exciting. Luckily the lord blessed us to talk to as many people as we needed to so we could move the baptism. 
It hasn't helped not having a ward mission leader, but we have more news on that later. The baptisms went over really well. They were pretty much back to back so we were at the church for a few hours. I thank Heavenly Father for letting those go smoothly ! 
That same night we also got transfer calls. Elder t and I were so distracted figuring out the baptisms that we forgot about transfers !!! So we got the news ... 
Such a relief .... I was so terrified. I love my companion and area so much. 
The only twist is .... 
Yup we are now looking after the Tongan people in Sacramento. Super cool. Both super excited. Really not to sure how we are going to keep up with two wards because we can hardly do 1. But that's when the lord comes in ! 
On Sunday we were notified that we will receive a ward mission leader !! His name is ML. We LOVE THE Ls. They replaced my bike tires and fed us food and have done countless things for the elders. He is amazing. I remember elder  t and I joking about him being our ward mission leader... Then It actually happened !!
It's been a great week! 
-this is Z our 5pm baptism !! He is great. His baptism was a miracle, it has been long time waiting for him to be baptized. 3 years. A few miracles later then boom ! His cousins are all members and now he is the only one in his family. He goes to seminary every morning and ALL church activities. 
-this is N our 7pm baptism ! He was a referral to elder t and I . He is 18. Such a great kid. Wants to serve a mission so bad, and has an incredible testimony !! 
-This guy, for all you football fans, used to play for the Ottawa renegades and now coaches for the sac state .  This is called stingers up. His name is brother P . 

Elder kristensen 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

February 15, 2016- Moving and Valentines

Please send to everyone !! 
First off ... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KINNA AND CALVIN !! 2 years . Congrats. You have eternity to go ! 
This week was interesting to say the least. Honestly not a whole lot of missionary work done because we moved out of our old apartment and into a new one ! I feel quit blessed considering where all of my friends are serving in their parts of the world. So please give those who are serving in some rougher parts of the world lots of love !!! I couldn't imagine what it's like to live in some of the places they stay. Tuesday we ,over almost all day except for an hour where we went and gave a member a hair cut. It was to a returned missionary named S. He served in Calgary Canada and got home about 4 months ago so it's been a ton of fun talking to him about all the places I know and love. 
We also went on exchanges with the Hmong elders. So awesome . Sacramento has almost eight different countries in one city. Basically talked to only Hmong people the whole exchange. It reminded me a lot of my days in Lao work. Very powerful exchange . Elder T is a newer missionary but such an example. He knows how to be humble and take correction better than anyone I know. 
We basically had some more issues and cleaning we had to do with the old and new apartment so that was no good and took a huge part of the week. 
We finally were able to bike Saturday. First time in ages . It felt great... Plus it was a beautiful day, couldn't have asked for better weather. Except my skin is so fair ... I got sunburnt. Classic. Sunday we had a regional broadcast given to us by General authorities to the north west American region of the church. Elder rebound and elder Hamula were both apart of that. Very very powerful broadcast . Very straight forward. But filled with love and invitations to act . Built my testimony and strengthened my faith. As well as the entire region!! I will attach some of my notes and little revelations! I can testify that the words I wrote from the broadcast were given to me by the spirit. It was awesome. 
Valentine's night we were able to have dinner with R and his wife. Randy is getting baptized the 27. So awesome. But they made a wonderful meal and gave us cards and made us fill very loved. Probably the best Valentine's Day I've ever had. I loved everyone so dearly that I spent it with ! Couldn't ask for anything better. 
Here are the notes !! 
-faithful and true always !!! 
-how? Church pray read, a pattern of faith that will last a life time! PATTERNS OF FAITH
-not read but feast 
-study the topics in the index of triple comb because that is where we find the restored gospel. Not just the topical guide.
-make the doctrines part of my very being, then I will reveal who I really am. 
  • make his voice familiar to ourselves and to our families, then we will see his guidance in our lives and know his voice when he speaks. Set the foundation. 
  • I'm not taking notes but writing revelation from god to myself.
  • Scripture study is a Catylis to effective prayer 
  • Before partaking the sacrament you should ponder on the things that I have done wrong, then I will feel the guilt lifted. I have to see my mistakes to feel forgiveness that's how I can feel relief. The key to a powerful sacrament ordinance .
  • Read - feast 
  • Pray- with all energy of heart 
  • Church- make and renew sacred and holy covenants with an eternal father in heaven. 
  • Conduct yourselves as disciples of Christ  at all times. Especially as a missionary. 
  • If you are struggling to find your way back there is always the glorious truth of repentance . 
  • There is fun in obeying the commandments by willingly obeying. 
  • The lords message to the faithful in hard times has always been FEAR NOT
  • The atonement dispels all fear but feels us with hope.
  • all faithful members have no need to fear from the storms of the later days. 
  • Perfection is never a prerequisite for a prophet
  • DONT LOSE SIGHT OF THE BIG PICTURE.  Then look at their fruits and you shall know them
  • BEST WAY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS- teach restoration and establish revelation. Make known the plan of salvation and give commandments context. 
  • John 7:17
  • SATANS PLAN IS TO DESTROY THE PLAN OF SALVATION. Including our personal plan of salvation. 
  • Satan creates "plan stoppers" AVOID AND GET AWAY FROM THEM
  • We love and live our doctrine and love the people who don't live it, 
  • Best indicator of spiritual growth: how we treat others. 

Here are pictures ! 
Valentine's Day 
Edmonton street exists, go Canada go 
Last Pday activities 

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

February 8, 2016-Anything Unfair is Made Up and More!!

Hello family ! 
So it's been a crazy week. I will just hit highlights ! First off I was incredibly sick on Monday and Tuesday. I was super weak and losing my insides. So elder T took one of the Lao  elders with him to our dinner appointment. On their way into their dinner appointment R, ( the guy we fasted with last week) called him and asked if we would baptize him because he received an answer. 
Ya it was crazy . So elder T came home, told me, I got out of my sickly bed and got dressed to go and see R and found out what happened.  R has to be one of the most sincere investigators I have ever met on my mission. He was reading the Book of Mormon like crazy. And asking if it was true. He wasn't ever looking for a sign but he just wanted to feel something with the Book of Mormon. Some sort of communication with Heavenly Father that it's true. Anything. He is what you would call a "dry Mormon. " he has done everything except be baptized. R would read the Book of Mormon whenever he could. So he told us of his experience where he received his answer. While he was at work... During lunch hour he was reading on his phone. And he said that the whole time he had been reading the Book of Mormon he just felt numb to it. And he started reading this time and felt the same thing. But then he got to 3 nephi 11. And it happened. R went to describe this beautiful experience he had with the spirit of the lord.  He said this feeling lasted until about 3 nephi 13. From there he knew the boom of Mormon was true. It just took him all the way to 3nephi 11. Can I also just say it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that it was that chapter. That is the most important chapter in the Book of Mormon... And if you don't know what the chapter is Go check it out. Just such a miracle to see moron is promise come true to such an honest seeker of truth. What a testimony builder to me. It can happen to anyone !! 
So also another miracle. There is a 14 year old boy whose name is Z that attends church and seminary every day. Does all the activities and everything. But as not yet been baptized and been waiting for it to happen for the last 3 years. His parents are not members and he goes to church with his cousins. His parents wouldn't let him get baptized. We decided to call his parents and set up an appointment to meet with them. They accepted. I was nervous. We didn't know what to do.  But the appointment was amazing. We basically testified of the importance of the spirit and how it would help their son and how covenants would play a role in his life. Then the father started questioning Z with some pretty hard questions like " why do you need to be baptized by water?? What's a little water going to do to you? Can't you just be baptized and make covenants by faith?" Z replied with the most flawless testimony of the gospel and the importance of baptism by immersion. Used scriptures and everything. He had to have learned from seminary . It was awesome. In the end the parents accepted him being baptized so he is now going to be baptized !! 
Another miracles ! 
On other notes A was baptized this weekend ! It was a great baptism !! We also spent almost all Saturday cleaning and packing up an apartment because we move out of this one on Tuesday this week.
So I just want to share my testimony on how much the lord does the work and only uses us as tools. Elder T and my own lives have been collapsing around us. There has been so many things taking a toll but the lord has blessed us 10 fold. We have so much work going on right now . There is no way that the work could be going this well if it wasn't Heavenly Father in control.  I would go through all the hard things again to see this much success in an area.  
Also received some sad news last night . C (the lady I baptized a few weeks ago and worked with for 6 months) passed away this weekend. I don't know how or why, but will keep you updated. It definitely puts your testimony to the plan of salvation to the test. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have received through the restored gospel. I know exactly where she is. And I am eternal,y grateful for the blessing it was to teach her the restored gospel and pave the path for to eternal life for her. 
Love you all ,
Elder kristensen

Baptism and my awesome throne I made when I was sick. 

February 1, 2016-Blessed Weekend

Hello family ! 
This week has been such a blessing ! We have had many things happen for us this week. We spent a lot of time preparing for JM's baptism . He is a nine year old boy who elder T and I was privileged to teach.  His mom was a less active member. He is awesome and was baptized Friday night . It was pretty crazy because on Thursday he started having some heavy doubts and was scared to be baptized. Elder T and I had no idea what to say and then the spirit took over. We sat and watched a video of someone else getting baptized, talked for a little bit and the spirit filled the room. I received a bigger testimony that the spirit really is the "comforter " that Jesus Christ promised would send . 
We also attended another baptism of KS. He was the son of a recent convert that elder T and his previous companion baptized. We started teaching K and put him on date. But passed him off because they moved into the foothills ward ( one of my previous areas). He was baptized Saturday.  Awesome baptism. He gave a powerful testimony of the joy the gospel has brought to his mom and his grandma. He then bore testimony that it was right because of the way  he felt every time the missionaries came over. He just knew that it would  make him happy. He said " I don't know a whole lot about the church, but I cannot deny the feelings of happiness I receive."   
We also attended a baptism back in the mission oak ward In the east Sacramento stake for S , DP's wife . I think I talked about Dp before. He was from Nepal. He  lost everything in an earth quake . Then came to America and was baptized. And he now has become the happiest person ever.   His wife finally moved to Sacramento and we taught her.  I was transferred out right before her baptism. But luckily I was allowed back. I love them so much. It was a glorious reunion between us. She was baptized and in a year they will be sealed together for time and all eternity. 
We also fasted for our investigator that we fasted with last weekend. And we even got that much closer for him to be baptized. A lot of his concerns came out and he is starting to feel more and more confident about baptism. We will see what happens. 
I went on an exchange with elder O our zoneleader. I went on one with him back in Elk Grove. Such an awesome elder. He goes home at the end of this transfer
 Lots of working going on here. See,s like we have one teaching appointment after another.. I'm not complaining :) 
Love you all 
Elder kristensen

Last bishop ( I hope you enjoy seeing this bishop Stephenson ) 
Avatar or small piano ? 

The baptism of K! 
Baptism of S! 
Bro G !! This guy is my favorite (far left) 
Baptism of J !