Thursday, 27 November 2014

November 27,2014

Alright soooooo its been a crazy week and a half but i feel as though it has
flown by me so fast i can barely even see it all happening. to answer a lot
of peoples questions. My Companion is Elder S is from southeast Idaho.
This guy is a total homie. we get along great. plus hes an awesome
missionary. he's been out for a total of 21 months. My first area is Ione
California in the hills of sacramento! so no i am not in a biking area but
we get a jeep instead because some of the areas we have to drive NEED 4x4.
Elder S. and i are white washing this area so we are trying to get to
know everyone. and learn how to get around. there is only about 7000 people
so everyone knows everyone. the only way we can do missionary work is
through the members pretty much. we live in a house with two other
missionaries who do work in Jackson about 15 mins away.

we've had a couple of cool experiences but first: 

it was 700pm and we didnt know exactly what to do because we didnt know
anyone so of course we prayed . and for whatever we both felt the impression
to go see Brother H, our land lord. so we went over knocked on the
door and lo and behold his wife had three of her none member best friends
over that shes been too shy to give the book of mormon too. so we went into
a mini lesson and broke the religious ice ! thats the lord using us to
definitely move his work forward!!


this one isnt actually about my companionship and i, but is actually our
roommates. they got called by a less active to give a blessing to a baby
that was 13months old that had an ear infection that caused the baby girl to
have seizures. so they raced over there in the morning. spent two hours in
the hospital, gave the blessing , hour and a bit later the babies
temperature dropped to normal, ear infection gone,  and no more seizures.
friends and family that is the power of the priesthood. not even the doctors
could explain what happened. the the Lords power this baby was healed. We
all need to give more appreciation to the priesthood. because it works


i gave my first priesthood blessing of comfort to my companion whos
grandfather died on sunday. i was a little nervous but i knew the lord would
guide me to say what he needed . and he did. the priesthood is awesome.

so regarding success in this area. well the work is slow. both my companion
and i are brand new to this BUT  we have lots of potentials and are
reactivating quite a few members, which is just as important as baptism.
part of what we need to do is endure to the end as well as be baptized with
proper priesthood authority. 

Immediately when i met president jardine i felt his love for me the same way
a father would love his childern. they are alll so comforting.

i cant wait for all you guys to read my journal sometime. but im running out
of time. its a lot easier if you all write me 

California Sacramento 

mission office 

8267 Deseret ave 

fair oaks, CA. 95628 

its nice and hot down here !! feels like 20+. love it.

love elder kristensen

also pdays are monday but because its thanks giving its today !!

(ill send more monday because i have  pday then.)
 1.the boys of district 43-c MTC
2. Sacramento, CA with Elder O. and Elder D.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

November 18, 2014

Here's the latest from Elder Kristensen! He is on his way!

sooooooooooooo i dont actually have my journal with me so i cant give
specifics for this week but a couple of cool things happened regarding
missionary work and the spirit that happened between my companion and i.
something ive tried really hard to do this week is ask inspired questions.
really look and seek for the questions the spirit would have me ask my
investigator to have them do some real soul searching.

my investigators were T and M. which by the way BOTH committed to
baptism before the end of the month. (both investigators were fake but were
real people from peoples missions). but anyways i might as well just talk
about today real quick.... i landed in Sacramento California which is
AWESOME. yes it is warm and yes im tooooooo hot. but ill get over it !
because im about to do the lords work and im terribly excited .

so i did my first bit of missionary work today. from salt lake city to

i sat next to a guy on an air plane. .. talked the WHOOLLEEE TWO HOURS. so i
shared the pass along cards with him and left him at that. crazy. the lords
work is awesome.

im glad to be out of the MTC... it was like a spiritual prison. Literally .
plus the food has never made me feel worse but the spirit there is soooo
strong.!!! ill let you know more on the next pday when i have my journal and
more time !

for now,

Elder Kristensen

Monday, 17 November 2014

California Mailing Address

Elder Kristensen SHOULD be leaving for California tomorrow. So, get ready to bookmark this page and to use it often because here is his mailing address until we hear otherwise:

Elder Nathan Michael Kristensen
California Sacramenta Mission 
8267 Desert Ave
Fair Oaks, Ca 95628
United States

I know he would love to hear from everyone. So get out the ol' pen and paper and write him some good old fashion snail mail. Even if you feel like you don't have much to say, he would love to know he's being thought of back home. Now, are you finding yourself asking "What should we write about? How do we get it there? What should we send?" Well. There are a few official suggestions for you. Now are you asking,"Letters? Clippings? Candy? What to send a missionary?" Don't fret. There's an answer for that too. Just click on the questions you have and you will be directed! 

And for those of you who are visual, here's a nice picture to help guide your thoughts when writing Elder K at a quick glance: 
Don't worry if you don't hear back from him right away! He must be busy proclaiming the gospel and all. 
Enjoy your correspondence! 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

First Letter!!-November 12, 2014

Here is our first glance of Elder K's experience...He is only in the MTC until Tuesday, so I will be posting his Cali mailing address soon. If you would like, you can use the site, Dear Elder that Nathan mentions below. 

No mission field pictures yet-not sure if we will have any for a while until Elder Kristensen figures out the system there. 


alright here it is mom my first Email home. I just have to start off by
saying my companion has gotten like a bazillion of dear elders..... send
some more ;) and yes i got your delcious cinnamon buns and yes my entire
ZONE ate hem faster than i could get just one. dear elder is legit so use it
as much as possible for sure. 

alright ill give a quick run down of my week and how it went.:

when i got here it was a little bit confusing and awkward because i got
stuck with international kids so i couldnt understand anyone except this
elder from new zealand. total bro though. i slept in a temporary room and it
was totally awkward. the next day i finally was able to meet my companion
and take my dork dot off ( an orange sticker they put on your name tags).
that was definitely a feeling of moving up in the world. and i met my
companion. his name is Elder M and he is quite the guy. think about me
and how im like.....then think directly opposite of what im like and that
would be elder M including every pet peeve ive ever had. the Lord
definitely sent him to me as my first companion for a reason. Basically what
you do here is sit in a class for 9 hours a day, eat and sleep. the Days
literally feel like weeks up until your first sunday. thats when everything
becomes real and you enter into a routine. This place is sooooooo spiritual.
every time you enter into a building you can feel the spirit hit you like a
wall of righteousness . when kyle talked about feeling like angels literally
walked the halls of the MtC.... He wasnt kidding.

Seriously ive learned more about the gospel in 7 days than i have in 18
years. Personal revelation is real and i can bare witness to that. 

my zone is awesome except we just said good bye to our old zone leaders who
were soooooo cool . Elder K from tonga was soo sick. hes serving in

i think its more important to focus on what im learning rather than what im
doing. okay first biggest thing thats hit me was that we watched a video of
a devotional by David A Bednar called "the character of Christ." EVERYONE
MORMON OR NOT HAS TO SEE THIS VIDEO. it is literally life changing. its
about turning outward like christ does and avoiding the natural man turning
inwards. he gave the example of how after Christ for all of our sins and
left the garden, he saw the ear of the guard which had been chopped off by
one of the apostles. Christ went and he fixed the ear of that guard. i dont
know about you but if i just bled from every pore i would not be thinking
about a little minor wound of someone else. thats the Character of christ
which is being selfless. seriously watch the devotional. 


i also want to share another quick experience with you that i had regarding
the holy spirit. Yesterday we listened to talk by Bishop Davies, part of the
general authorities. that devotional was so powerful but what really
testified to me in that devotional was the music that played. during praise
to the man sang by the mtc choir i said quick prayer asking if i could have
some sort of reassurance of the lord in my life. at the most powerful part
of the hymn i was touched by the Lord. Literally i felt like our Father in
Heaven touched my soul. when Nephi describes being filled with the spirit
thats kind of how i felt. from head to toe i tingled and a rush of warmth
came with it, and lo and behold i started crying. ive never felt the spirit
so string. and thats all because i prayed .

another quick thing i learned about prayer is i should have been praying
ALOT more. praying is real and it works. you will see gods hand in your
daily life so much stronger if you "pray always." also in the bible
dictionary under prayer it mentions a few things. first being we need to
pray in the name of christ but also in the mind of christ. what does that
mean you ask? well let me tell through my own personal revelation which has
changed how i pray immensely. it means that if Jesus Christ were to pray to
heavenly father for us in our certain circumstance, what would Christ be
praying for us. and trustme the spirit will tell you what that is. the
second part of it says how praying isnt us trying to change Gods will for us
but rather securing for ourselves the blessing that God is already willing
to give us. to me thats so powerful. Our heavenly father is waiting there
with a bucket of infinite blesssing waiting to poor onto us as long as we
pray with whole hearted faith in him. HAVE FAITH FOOLS. 

also next spiritual thing. its just a quote from a talk which says
"testimonies is not enough, we all must be converted to jesus christ"

we all need to work on being converted and not just have a testimony because
a testimony is not good enough.

elder muir and i are teaching two people right now. Tali and michael. tali
is real.... sort of. shes one of our techers. and michael.... no one knows
if hes real or not. but the mtc has had 7 baptisms in the last two months
becuase some none members have volunteeered to be taught by us .. so good
luck tooooooo me and my companion!

okay ive got to go soon so ill just say i love you all. soooo much.  keep it
real .

Elder Kristensen

Open House

Thank you all who came out to show some support for Elder Kristensen! And for those of you who couldn't make it,  the support vibes were felt! Here are a few snapshots from the open house...a SMALL sample of those who were there.

Bonus pic! Classic Kristensen Gangster (missing Makinna and Clavin).

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Welcome to Elder Kristensen's Blog! 

Stay tuned to stay up-to-date on Elder K's mission experiences. Nathan's mom and sister will be posting updates here!

Here is some info you might like to have: 

Nathan has been called to serve a 2 year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (check it out!) in Sacramento, California. (Surfs up dude!-Just kidding, not allowed to surf on a mission). 

He has been preparing for months, and an incredible series of nail-biting events had to happen in order for him to be able to get to where he needs to be! (a.k.a. at the Missionary Training Centre in Provo, Utah).

Elder Kristensen will be at the MTC for approximately 2 weeks (until November 19). You can send him letters (and packages) at this address until he goes to Cali: 

Elder Nathan Michael Kristensen
2005 N 900 E Unit 188
Provo, UT 84604
United Sates 

Stay tuned for his California mailing address. It will be posted when we get word he is en route to The Golden State. 
ps. check out this super cool temple in Sacramento