Thursday, 15 September 2016

August 15, 2016-WE HAVE A SURPRISE

Hello everyone ! 
It was a great week. We said good bye to our beloved elder R. who, returned home on Saturday. His two year mission was completed . We also said good bye to a lot of other amazing missionaries who have done a great job. A lot of very close friends. 
But regardless it was good ! That also means transfers happened ! Yup. Elder K got transferred which is heart breaking. But he only moved done the hill to Folsom. So I'll see him every Sunday . So it's not " good bye," but just "see ya next week !" 
He will be missed . Transfer calls came in Saturday night. I am getting elder M who I love very very much ! I spent a lot of time with him in north Sacramento. I also found out I'm training again! We  are training in a trio !! I also have elder D who is brand new as of yesterday !! I am super excited to train. We also now cover a family Ward and the shingle springs Ysa Ward. 
I don't have much time  but cool miracle, first contact we had as a trio accepted a baptismal day for the 27th of August and set up daily contact which is great. Gotta go but here are a few pictures !! 

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