Saturday, 6 August 2016

July 18, 2016-Adventures of the House of Israel Hunters

Okay this will have to be a quick one because we went on another adventure today ! 
I don't know if any of you know but I'm serving in the Wild West where all the gold mining took place . But I'll tell you about that next week.
Fun fact one of my old Ward mission leaders just got called as a mission president ! 
 This week was a tough week with a few trials and a disturbing lesson. But it is amazing how much the mission is a refiners fire. We get beat up and thrown into heat but come out more purified and refined.  And I have seen that over and over again in the mission. We also saw some unfortunate things go on in the zone with some people having their baptisms delayed. But no worries . 
I just want to bear testimony of the gift, power and influence of the Holy Ghost which speaks with such perfect power. His role is to push us or entice to do the things which are right in the sight of our eternal God. The prompting a of the Holy Ghost are so soft and quite but powerful enough to silence any fear. Give motivation to over come any trial. And has the ability to fill us with the love of God and the testimony of his reality. They are not fake promptings but they are very real. It is  given to us as we seek for the Holy Ghost. We will feel the influence of the Holy Ghost as we live worthily of it by keeping the commandments, making covenants through proper authority, and pressing forward enduring to the end. I have felt of his influence this week. He is real . And anybody can experience this great joy ! 
Love you all ! 
Elder kristensen 
Our back yard 

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