Tuesday, 25 October 2016

October 24, 2016-Harvest Festival

Dear family, 
Great week. Not a lot of time to talk about it. We did a lot of cool things though. First off we did a sweet service project. It was a community harvest festival with everyone coming dressed up in Halloween costumes. We were able to run booths and talk to lots of people. Exposure in the community is always a good thing. 
Funny story, we went to give a challenge to a member in our Ward that we were suppose to extend on behalf of our stake president. As we sat down with this couple we felt the spirit super strong. Plus this couple seemed fairly knowledgeable. We taught them the message and they gladly accepted. When we asked about the follow up we got some interesting information back. Turns out the husband is elder Watkins the area seventy for Northern California. He also is over all the institutes for California. Yikes. But I learned something. I recognized how powerful that relationship with his wife was and how powerful their relationship is with the savior Jesus Christ. Living the gospel of Jesus Christ is what got them there. 
As I continued through out the week my patriarchal blessing and my temple Covenants often came to mind. The promised blessings from those sacred covenants and blessings promised me in my blessing are far too great and far too joyous to even think about sacrificing because of some erroneous information or weakness I may have. The things the Lord has in store for me are far to great for me to ever walk away from him and his restored church. Thus I will continue to boldly sing "I will never no never, I'll never no never, I'll never no never, I'll never forsake."  He lives, and he is the savior of the world, The Son of the  living God. I love this gospel. It eternally true. 
Here are some pictures !
The pumpkin patch and a visit from some friends. :) 
Elder kristensen

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