Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March 30, 2015- FOOTHILLS

alright folks here it is!
First day in the Foot hills Ward area. Super awesome. Im on a bike. Lots more people. Lots more exercise. Alot less food. hahaha we had a service project wherre we made pb and j sandwhiches. like 700 of them. or so we thought. turns out they messed up the order and we made double that. so we had 700 extra that went to the missionaries. And Elder J. and I Just moved into a new apartment so there was zero food. Yes that was my food for the next week! and we wwanted to be obedient so we didnt go shopping for anything else. yes my new Companion is Elder J. from Layton Utah. This guy is awesome ! He's been out 6 weeks more than me. And, he's a district leader so we both don't know whats going on !

Pretty regular day. We went and we saw a less active the Elders before me tracted into. Her name is T. and WOW! She is so spiritual and desiring to come back. She said what she had no idea how she got to the church building but she got there just by walking. I have never met anyone so grateful for the missionaries yet. Just the one encounter with her on the street has changed her life !  The next was a guy named R. under us . We were coming in late (woops) but we caught our neighbour who just had a sister pass away from cancer and we gave him a quick Plan of Salvation lesson on the hood of his car, and he loved it ! It's amazing the comfort that the plan of happiness can bring! And it's a good thing we caught him at the right time! Some divine intervention there.

Friday :
SOOOOOOO today We did a huge service project. It was at California expo center and what it was was an organization that did free dental work for anyone ! You can imagine how busy that would be. There were people lined up out there for longer then 24 hours. but we were used as escorts for the patients across the expo center. They fed us dinner which was pasta but they bought huge trays extra and gave it too us when we left to go home. But on our way out there was probably about 100 people lined up to get their teeth worked on the next day and we felt we had to give them the pasta! so we did and started to leave , when we realized how upset these people were that we didn't bring out forks and knives and plates. Just kind of made me think of the Saviour and how he did what he could to help but it wasn't ever good enough. but we did get them what they needed to eat and everyone was happy and felt super awesome after that. 
We went back to help again with this big dentist thing! This time they had wayyyyy to many bags of baby carrots. So Elder M. and I stood at the exit giving bags of these little carrots away. For almost 3 hours. People thought we were crazy trying to give them carrots after they went to the dentist .... BUT some were super grateful ! we also taught A. today. cool experince. She  was talking and elder J. and i both flipped open to a scripture and thought it was super awkward because we didnt know who should read theirs. so i let him go ... we flipped to the exact same( not even generic ) scripture. Just proves how the spirit works the same between us as missionaries ! super cool.

 The ward is awesome .. We had a ward member give us a ton of food. Running out of time. love you and the new area!

This wheel has been crazy spiritual we have been placed in peoples paths who need the Lord the most and that does not happen by accident. The spirit has guided our actions to complete his work. We have become instruments in the hands of god. I'd tell ya amore about it but im out of time ! BYE

Elder KRistensen

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