Tuesday, 10 March 2015

March 9, 2015-Another week in Zion!

Hello everyone Here it is:


had more of un usual day because for pday we played nerf guns for 4 hours in
the church. not kidding that is something our whole mission does. everyone
collects nerf guns and play zombies in the churches. 


Was awesome. We gave L. ( the recent convert) a Preach my Gospel and he
LOVES it so much. we Told him to go to the Christ attribute and pick one to
work on. He Picked hope. there is an awesome scripture about hope in Moroni
7 but i dont have a copy of the Book of Mormon on me so i cant tell ya so
everyone read the whole chapter!


was a regular day but i was on exchanges ! 


I GOT SUNBURNT. yup that sucked. we were laying sod and game over from there.  we also taught the lady we met in the park last week! She is so awesome and open and said she'd get baptized!!


Spiritual overload. We had an amazing zone training today centered on our
potential and our identity as missionaries for Jesus Christ. some of the
things everyone came up with was " we are proof that God has not left the
World Alone" also " we are the most noble and brave  18 - 26 year old Kids
this world has ever known" and "we are Childern of a lovingGod who see's our
potential when we cant "


Lots of service mostly ! all day. 

Sunday :

Rough day. which is weird because it is the sabbath but the lady that we met
in the park dropped us out of the blue and kinda bummed the whole day BUT
the Lord pulled through and we added another investigator.

Sorry i had to keep it short this time and i dont have my camera so no
pictures but love you all. remember to turn to our Lord and Priesthood power
for help!

Yours truly,

Elder KRistensen

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