Tuesday, 24 March 2015

March 23, 2015-Forgot my journal WOOPS

Hey everyone sooooo i forgot my journal so i dont remember anything about this week but i will do my best
Monday :
I think it was a normal pday. finally got to play volleyball for the first time

Idont remember either so im just gong to think of highlights.

We have been trying to meet with a members neighbor since ive been in Ione and her name is J. we would talk to her everyone once in a while while she was out side. but couldnt ever set anything up. But Sunday night was a little different. We had a very sincere conversation with her and set something up for yesterday. And we had an amazing lesson regarding the restoration and she even said she would be baptized when she found it was true. J. even said she was trying to come up with any excuse that would have stopped the meeting yesterday from happening. and she couldnt. she could not bring herself to cancelling and she didnt know why. That was completely and utterly the spirit. the spirit invites us to do the right thing always. She felt the convincing power of the Holy Ghost so strongly. and that is because God knows it'll change her life so much and so well that He sent His spirit to her. 
Ummm there was also a mission farewell for a member here who got his mission call when ! first got here and leaves tomorrow thats super cool! ummm we also got to go to the temple this week with C. and do baptisms which is always super spiritual! so awesome to see how well she is progressing! 
The family we are teaching are going to push their date back a couple weeks to get over some vices, but after that they will be baptized! super excited for them also. People always talk about this glow about us because as missionaries we are close with God. I didnt get it. i didnt see how that was posssible rather. but i Have seen it with this family. they were coming from such a rough place and their lives are changing and the glow and liveliness is in them. so awesome to see ! 
also added 4 new solid investigators this week. annnnnnd last night we got transfer calls....

I have been booted out to Foot hills ward in the North Sacramento stake ! Apparently has nothing to do with hills... which might be a nice change for me because thats all ive seen for 5 months ! super excited to try something new but im going to miss this area so much and all the good that is here right now . anyways thats the quick highlights of what i could remember . Love you all! 
Elder Kristensen

This is M. he is nice and going on a mission

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