Monday, 9 March 2015

February 16, 2015-BIG CHANGES IN IONE


So today began awful because preston castle cancelled zone service ! that
sucked but it was one of elder s.' last day so we didnt let that get us
down! we visited a family to say good bye to them, such a great
family, and they took us out to lunch to a mexican place where some random
person payed 20 $ for "the boys in white shirts and ties." soo cool to see
how people respect messengers of Jesus Christ! We also were finally able to
commit C. to a baptismal date on feburary 28!! the same day as another
baptism we have for N. and S. who we have been teaching ! (two sons of
a less active lady coming back into activity). super excited ! the Lord has
poured out his spirit and blessings upon us


so today was transfer. The coolest thing that happened today is we were
teaching N. and S. about service. Especially missionary work. and i
was reminded of something that has stuck with me my whole life. I was in CTR
8 or 7 or was whenever Bro Shaw was my sunday school
teacher. He asked which one of us were going to serve a mission. as young
boys we all raised our hand.... Then He gave us a statistic that only 1 in 5
men will actually end up serving a mission. so Bro shaw gave us a
commitment. He  asked us if we would beat those odds and committed us to all
serving a misssion right then and there. so we all did. And i often think
about that experience and how it is now happening. So i shared that
experience with both of the boys and committed them to the same thing, that
when the time comes that they would both serve missions.


"the race is against sin, not against eachother "-Elder Jeffrey R Holland.
thought that was a cool quote. 

Today i got to meet Elder B. Awesome guy..I could learn something from him. Transfers are strange and i dont know if i will ever get used to them.


Missionary work is a lot easier when you listen to the spirit. We were
starting flyer tracting and we said a prayer to know where to go. At first i
blew off the first impression because there was too many houses there and we
werent going to be able to have enough time. so we chose a different street.
before we got out of the car we prayed again to confirm that this street was
the right one and flat out the spirit said no and i went back to the street
that had too many houses. That night we taught 5 lessons, added 3 new
investigators and found a less active lady who hasn't come to church in
forever! Absolutely need to rely on the Spirit more often... It blesses. Also
weird story. We received a referral we were suppose to go contact with the
member that gave it too us.. but the member cancelled so that sucked. But
then we decided to go see a former investigator and the referral we were
going to contact just happened to be there, so we contacted him anyway! yay!


ZONE TRAINING. always a super spiritual time.  We learned about not only
binding ourselves to our investigators but also binding ourselves to the
spirit and how important that is. We also got to Teach T. and J. tonight.
Great couple ! They are getting baptized hopefully on the 14th of march! Ya thats right, The Lord pulled through for us and them again! and They asked if i could baptize them! i
feel honoured that they would ask me !


Today we tried setting something up with a former investigator that we've
met once. Turns out she happened to be free, went over and taught her the
Restoration and committed to baptism in march!! whats going on right !! the
Lord is blessing this area like craaazzzyyyyy !!! The Hills district is on
fire! (because of the spirit)


BIG CHANGE. At church today they announced that we had to meet at the
Jackson church building for an announcement at 6. Turns out they are
splitting our area and giving more to Jackson!! I'm totally heart broken
because we lost some amazing families and areas. but thats okay. It was Gods

I hope everything is going well for you guys at home! Miracles are coming
down in cali like rain! Love all yall,

Elder Kristensen  

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