Tuesday, 17 March 2015

March 16, 2015-Apostles

so not to much happened today but we played this game called milk jug lacrosse. try to picture what that would look like!
We had interviews with President J. I seriously Love my mission president. this man has to be the most genuine person ever! I really do feel his love for his missionaries.  he made us read some scriptures in Romans 8. i suggest you read the last two verses in that chapter becasue they are very true and very powerful!

soooo the last couple days ive been praying about how to make my studies more effective or how i can have better study habits. and it constantly has come to me to keep a good study journal..... i dont know what a good study journal looks like but im going to try ... so good luck to me! we also had to drive up to Folsom for a doctors appointment and it is amazing to see that THERE IS MORE TO THE WORLD THAN THE HILLS. seriously strange to enter civilization. Also the Girl that we baptized a couple weeks ago now has a temple recommend and we will be attending the temple this weeks!
Little bit of a hard day. nothing seemed to go our way but we had an awesome district meeting. We were studying and talking about Talks that Elder David A Bednar of the quorum of the 12 gave us. They were "converted unto the Lord ", "praying in Faith" and "learning by faith". And i will talk about them more later.

Okay i can talk about the talks now because they were given to us to prepare for a training that we did with Elder Bednar. SOOO AWESOME. Apostles are spiritual giants and ive never seen so much inspiration at one time and there is no way im going to be able to have time to write everything ive learned. But basically it was a question and answer period and we could ask him anything ( besides anything super deep). But a couple highlights are basically We are all agents ! and agents Act. we are not objects to be acted upon. So when we pray, we pray about what should we do to receive something we want not just pray for something and expect to get it without work. For example if we prayed for a new investigator but just sat in the apartment all day. there is no way we are going to be blessed with a new investigator. the same implies when we are studying. He also promised that if anyone were to read the Book of Mormon everyday they would never fall away from the church. and that was a pretty bold but honest promise from an apostle. One last quick thing. someone asked " as an apostle have you ever seen Christ?".. almost everyone rolled their eyes but Bednar gave the Best answer and said " Through time I have received a witness that Jesus is the Christ that goes beyond the 5 senses of the human body." if that is not the most amazing thing ever I dont know what is. And that is going to become a life long endeavour for me to obtain. Because that is the witness that will keep you truly converted and that is a witness we can all receive. We got to shake their hands. Never washing my hand again
We worked up at preston Castle again and got a little sappy from moving lots of pine tree twigs. awesome right ? then we went to the Market to buy some sandwiches and all of a sudden E walks in! the lady we do service for at preston and bought us all lunch ! tender mercies.
The sabbath is always special. C's mom came to church so hopefully we will teach her soon! almost all of our actively teaching investigators showed up today! 

Im super out of time so i have to stop there. but my testimony has grown so much from hearing from one of the Lords apostles. He really has called prophets again on earth.

Love Elder Kristensen

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