Tuesday, 10 March 2015

March 2, 2015- First time for everything


Basic Pday things except we got to play softball!! that was awesome . I do
miss Baseball thats forsure.


Was again pretty basic day. Except we got to pour concrete at a members
house again with some of the guys hes hired. They Actually listened and we
had a great gospel Discussion about Jesus Christ and His Atonement for us.
They Both Accepted a copy of the book of mormon and fingers cross they read
it! I also met up with the zone leaders for exchanges , and Elder W.
already has taught me a little something about not Cheating the Lord on
ANYTHING. So awesome, great missionary.


Zone leader for a day. Going to be Honest, zone leader would not be a fun
Job. CRAZY BUSY. but was still a good day full of all kinds of swapping
around that would take a year to explain. so just know today was hectic. but
We did teach this one Lady who said shed be baptized but she
was super afraid what her parents woould think. She texted us later that
night as we were driving to switch back up to exchange and asked if she
could call us. we basically taught a lesson in
the car to her and even  prayed over the phone with her. The spirit was so
strong. so sweet. on a funnier note i was in a car chase. I forgot the zoneleaders phone in my pocket as we headed Back to Ione. So we had to whip around and chase the Zoneleaders down the 88


Super awesome miracle today. First off the day seemed to going super sucky.
District meeting went late... soo placing flyers started late. But we kept
the faith. We placed all the flyers and we ran out but luckily Elder
B. grabbed a couple of pamphlets as did i. so we could finish the
street. Thank Goodness because it lead us to a park where there was a mom
and two young childern. Talk to everyone right? so we did. offered her a
pamphlet and She Accepted. Then she started talking about the tragic  event
in her life and has been trying to repair that pain but doesnt know how. she said shes tried
everything. The Lord Made our day suck at first and made us late and prompted us to grab extra pamphlets just so we could meet this lady. Every event of the day lead up to meeting her including
praying about where to place the flyers. we taught her and she invited us
back. Such an amazing experiece to see how we were lead to this sister in


Not a Lot happened ! we went on exchanges again. other than i was freaking
out about the baptisms on saturday!!


Baptism day.Talk about a busy day that started at a 9 am Baptism for C. (on her birthday). First baptism ive ever had.... plus i was baptizing her.
HOW DO YOU BAPTIZE SOMEONE? all good though i figured it out before i got in!
went very well and super spiritual. Some of her family even got to go. The
next was S. and N. The two boys at 11am. Then we did service for 4 hours laying sod! Then back to the church for another Baptism in the ward that we had a part in. THHHAANNN we had
another discussion with T.and J. and their 11 year old daughter decided to sit in onn this one.... She also wants to get baptized! on march 28 with her parents! Miracles all day long. Also Elder S ( or now brother S) came back for the baptisms. It was awesome to see him again. miss
that guy. he even came tracting with us.


Fast Sunday! always an awesome sabbath. We got to see L , the recent
convert and introduced him to Preach my Gospel. He was sooooo excited that
he didnt have to read small pamphlets anymore . Plus all the confirmations
happened today. which made sacrament especially awesome to see 3 people
recieve the Gift of the Holy Ghost. 

My week has been amazing and busy. Miracles keep happening. Love you all.

Elder Kristensen

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