Monday, 9 March 2015

February 23, 2015-Another one bites the dust!


Pretty good day! finally decided to go play zone sports in Lodi which is a
new thing for us... we had the miles so thought why not. Also got to meet a
missionary who just returned home is the new tackle for byu football. If you
see austin hoyt , thatd be him.. great guy, amazing missionary!


Super cool miracle. Elder B. and i were going and seeing a bunch of
potentials until we had the impression to go see an inactive lady. so we drove the 15 minutes out of town to go see them and THEY WERENT HOME. Great right? well we were leaving and
started to drive out when another impression came to GO BACK. so we did. AND THEY WERE HOME. went to the Door he answered welcomed us in. They said it had been an emotional day, and the lady we had come to teach wasn't home but ten minutes later she walked out of the Bedroom door and was shocked to see us and she said " oh wow, i had just finished praying for help." So we shared a message about the atonement of Jesus Christ and it was super spiritual and we gave them both
priesthood blessings.


We went on exchanges and had district meeting today. Elder B said
something that was cool regarding diligence. He said " you may think you are
being diligent , but does the Lord think you are being diligent." that one
has been hanging on to me for some reason. Another miracle was we went to
see a lady we worked with to come back to activity and a former
investigator happened to be at her house. So awesome because we got to teach


we were able to teach 3 of our investigators who have dates and all is going
well with them:)

and we were able to introduce them to priesthood blessings to help them get
over their vices!


Super awkward experience. We texted a member asking for her dads number.
turns out it was the wrong number and this person we accidentally texted had
her dad pass a way a few months ago so we got a pretty angry text back. BUT
we were able to change it into a missionary moment and shared how families
can be together forever and how there is life after death and offered to
give her a pamphlet about gods plan... hopefully she'll send us an address.


Did Lots of service pouring concrete and working at preston castle! i also
studied about Diligence again and how i can gain it. But it seems everything
comes down to having charity . Seriously CHARITY> 


An RM gave his homecoming talk. Amazing talk about prayer but what was
interesting is right when he finished A non member grandpa who lives for his grandchildern and was so angry and frustrated when his grandchild first went on a mission. his grandchild is
this RM's bestfriend and is still on a mission) stood up and asked if he
could "bare his testimony." He began to apologize for the anger he had
towards the church taking his grandchild away. He then began to explain how
after hearing how this RM gave his talk and the experiences he shared over
the pulpit made him realize why we go off on missions. And told everyone in
the congregation that he understood and was sorry.

I know why i came on a mission. Not alot of people understand though. but
the change of nature that occurs on a mission is so immense and there is no
other experience that will do that for you. I know there is no more imprtant
work then sharing the gospel. This gospel is true and everyone needs it.
"Open your mouths and the shall be filled"- Doctrine and covenants 33:10 .
thats a commandment and a promise. rely on the spirit. love you all 

Elder Kristensen

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