Tuesday, 28 April 2015

April 6, 2015- General Conference

ALright peoples Here it is:

LITTLE BOY STOLE MY PEN. it was actually my fault because i left without asking for it back. totes okay. The Lord keeps putting us in at the right place at the right time. Right after we finished talking with one of our investigators there was a lady who was walking by in tears. so usually that is a good sign for a missionary to go talk to them. This lady just had a death in the family. We sat and talked with herfor a while about gods plan and her purpose and she was then calmed right down. This church has got to be true because there is no way two 18 year old white boys could calm down that big of a storm she was going through!

Crazy day ! super busy and taught lots of lessons! We took a non member investigator to come and teach a couple lessons with us because we needed another male. that was interesting.
we had a pretty cool experience with a less active struggling with addiction. 

Regular day... had all kinds of meetings soooooooo it kind of made proselyting hard. 

So legit and it was all about moving forward and not backward. there is no middle ground.. its either we are moving forward or youre moving backward there is no middle ground. Also talked about Peter and how when christ came and asked him to come follow how he dropped his net immediatly and asked us what are some of our nets we have to drop to follow christ more.

GENERAL CONFERENCE. I loved general conferencee soooooooo much . i wish i had more time because i could tell you all kinds of things i loved...  but just remember to STAY BY THE TREE OF LIFE. 
Love you all
Elder Kristensen

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