Thursday, 19 May 2016

April 18, 2016-I'm Almost an Islander

Hello family ,
What a wonderful week it has been ! All that I have to say is that saying good bye to elder T was not the easiest thing that I had to do. So Tuesday we had preparation day . Elder K and I were on a temporary companionship exchange while we waited for our trainees to come in on Wednesday morning. We went and taught an investigator C and her husband Jeff. Last time we were there C said that she never had felt the spirit before .... We didnt believe it but kept teaching. Then the next time we were there as we were teaching the plan of salvation she stopped the entire lesson and to her and everyone else's amazement she said she felt it. She felt the spirit. For the first time. She said she had never felt it before and she felt just so happy ! She said it had to be the spirit ! 
That was incredible to witness someone experience the spirit for the first time. What an incredible experience . What was the difference between that lesson and every other one we had with them? I strongly believe it to be because we used way more scripture this time.  the word of God is stronger than my own. I have to make the scriptures the first witness and then me the second witness. 
Then Wednesday we picked up the companion ! My new trainee ! Who by the way is not much of a trainee at all! He is definitely pre-trained, his name is elder Y. He is a little Asian boy...

Just kidding he is a massive Samoan from New Zealand. And he is amazing, such a strong elder. Ready to do the work. A lot of late nights talking . This week we hit the grind hard !!! And for my brother in law he is specifically from Mangere New Zealand. So if you ever served there that would be legit.  
The rest of this week was just busy with teaching and finding. On Saturday night we butchered some pigs with the Tongan ward for a huge feast that was happening for a mission farewell. That was fun. Anyways I love you all! 
The gospel is true. The scriptures are true. I love the word of God and the spirit it brings into my life. The guidance and the blessing of having them are incomparable. The sacrifice to bring forth the word was way to big to not take advantage of it. 
Have a great week ! 
Elder kristensen 
Comp lavalava 

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