Thursday, 14 April 2016

April 11, 2016-Whhhhhhaaaaaat?

ok family this week has been incredibly good ! So I will send you pictures and explain.
1.      D. got baptized ! That was an awesome experience to see him be baptized, d. was a friend to a member in our ward and introduced him to the gospel. He took the discussions from us. At his baptism he told us s experience of when he finally took the information we Gave him to God and explained his answer. Essentially he said that because of his answer he received there is no other decision that is better than this one. And I can testify to you that that is true. Making covenants with Heavenly Father is always the best decision you could possibly make. The joy is indescribable .  Also super cool , R. performed the baptism!! R. was recently baptized and has received the aaronic priesthood , giving him authority to perform the baptism. So he did. Such a blessing to see him use that. 
2.      D. and p. got baptized ! D. was a street contact that elder t. and I had. He was just so prepared and is so committed to the gospel. I am so grateful to have met him ! Eternal bonds have been made. We got to see N. baptize him.  N. was also recently baptized and he received the priesthood too. N. comes out with us ALL the time. P. is from Nigeria and has been living with brother M. who baptized him. P. just was super prepared and ready to receive the gospel. 
3.      This is my tribute to my companion elder t.. I love this elder . I love him to the moon and back. He has looked after me and has helped me grow so much. The saviors love emulates off of him. He is a brother and has become one of my best friends. He is one of the lords best servants. The lord could not have called a better elder to serve me and the rest of His children . Elder t. has been transferred to a new area. He will training a new missionary and opening up a new area . I miss him . But I know that he will do an incredible job in his mission. That was a heart breaking transfer call on Saturday. 
4.      Monday we decided to do some district driving range activities . So we got to hang out there and drive some golf balls. That was SO MUCH FUN. We really enjoyed ourselves. We are going to try to make p-days more enjoyable. 
So yes transfers happened is week. I will be staying in natomas 3rd are and tala'ofa. I will still be a district leader ( best job by the way ) and I will be training again !! I love training new missionaries ! So much fun... They are giving yet another try because I didn't do it right the first couple tries. The lord is giving me a chance to repent. 
Tuesday I was super sick . Caught the flu. But no worries. 
Thursday after district meeting we went to Taco Bell and someone bought us food. So that wa cool but even cooler was that the lady and husband that bought our food was the parents to Keaton Gibbs Mtc companion who served in Halifax Canada... So that's crazy. 
I love you all ! Elder kristensen

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