Thursday, 19 May 2016

May 2, 2016- I'm Becoming a Tongan

So it has been quite the week ! I will share a couple of cool experiences ! 
On Tuesday we had a super busy morning. We had a new missionary meeting in the afternoon and had a bunch of appointments in the morning so we did splits with the zoneleaders. We were called in the morning by one of our less actives who needed a blessing bad. The night before she watched a lady get hit by a car and being a trained nurse she tried to save this ladies life but was unsuccessful. So she was in pretty big shock. So we went over and when we walked in there was already someone there in a white shirt and tie. So we thought someone from the church already beat us there. Then we saw a big camera. And then the guys jacket that said "FOX 40 news." Yup walked in on that. So we asked them to put their camera away as we taught her out of the Book of Mormon with the news people there. She then asked for a blessing. Didn't know what do so we did it anyway. But first we turned to the camera guys and taught them the restoration so they understood what was about to happen. He started taking notes so we figured we needed to be pretty careful what we were to say. That was a ton of fun. Crazy experience. 
We have had a full week of service and working a lot with the Tongan ward. What a blessing that has been . We have set a goal with a less active family to be sealed as a family for eternity in a temple of God this summer. Super excited to see that happen ! Plus the excitement in the ward is just growing !!! 
But because of that focus we haven't had much of a chance to find. So numbers wise it didn't look too good ( not that numbers mean anything ), but then Saturday night, in 30 mins, we received 5 referrals to contact . Heavenly Father does love us ! So awesome. 
Elder Y and I cooked dinner together and star gazed when it got dark. It was such a great week in the work ! I know Heavenly Father loves each of us. I know the sacrament is the door way to using the atonement in our lives. It is there to allow us to be changed, and to be better and to provide us with hope . Sunday night we received a text from the elder quorum president in tala'ofa ward. He thanked us and said to "never get weary." I love that quote. Through the enabling power of the atonement we will never get weary. I know that to be true. 
Love you all! Elder kristensen 
And also a tribute to the most incredible housing coordinator ever. Elder M- you will be missed :) 

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