Thursday, 19 May 2016

April 25, 2016-Consider the Lilies of Life!

It was another good week in the best mission for me ! Seriously . I have had a good week reflecting on how amazing my mission has been this far. It has been incredible. No amount of money or praise or school or job or whatever could allow me the things that I have experienced. Sacramento California has become sacred ground for me. The people that have made this experience what it's been thus far mean eternity to me because the bounds you make in the work of the savior are eternal. The support and prayers and love I receive from home are so greatly appreciated and will be needed as elder young yen and I strive to bring about the work of salvation for the Polynesian people and those living in the natomas 3rd ward boundary ! 
This week we chose to have what we called "consider the lilies" moments. Life truly is a miracle. Our Heavenly Father is a God of miracles and miracles have not ceased. Moroni in the Book of Mormon puts that pretty clear. I love our Heavenly Father. I don't know everything about him , nor do I totally understand him. But the blessing I have received are proof enough to me of his unconditional love. Plus the blessings he has given to those I have seen in my mission stand as a testimony to me of his love for ALL his children. Gratitude is in my heart for this glorious gospel .
This week went very well with lots of opportunity to teach and to find. We found a lot of new investigators and spending time trying to find that soul that Heavenly Father has prepared for us. We have spent a lot more time in the Tongan ward as we feel we have not spent as much time in it as we should have. And the lord has given us some pretty specific revelation as to what to do. And I have learned the importance of temple recommend holding members in the church . It is crucial not only to your own spiritual growth but more importantly to those whom you serve in various callings of the church. Do all you can to receive that recommend. The blessings of the temple are just to important to miss ! 
By the way of any ward choir can sing like the Tongans can that'd be amazing. We went to a fireside with an old general authority from Tonga. It was incredible. Most of it was in Tongan but that's okay the gift of tongues is awesome. Sometimes that gift comes in the form of a translator though. I love you all ! 
Elder kristensen
We found a sushi place..... Broke our bank but worth every penny . 

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