Thursday, 19 May 2016

May 16, 2016-Find, Teach, and the Lord will Lead you to Baptize

Hello family and friends . I must be quick again because I have to go freshen up at a barber shop. But I do want to tell you about my love of the gospel and of our lord Jesus Christ who leads us everyday. I know that he lives and most importantly I know he has saved all of us from pain and suffering and I know that with his stripes we are healed from every pain . All he asks is that we keep his commandments . And that we love him. And that we repent of our mistakes, he will forgive us EVERY time as we strive to keep his commandments. I know he loves us. He can make more out of our lives than we could ever muster up on our own. He will enrich and uplift your life. All you have to do is try. I know sometimes that it seems as though we will always fall short. Because we do. We will never make up for our imperfections because we can't. But that is why the savior is there. When feelings of deep discouragement come or when questions about your progression arise, take the advise alma the younger gave to his sons to " remember, remember" the success and the growth you have made. Look at how far you have come. Remembering our growth through the saviors atonement and grace is an eternal principle in finding satisfaction and joy in our lives. 
The work is going great ! We had a family (3 daughters and a mom ) attend church this week and we also had interviews with president. It was a great week actually with lots of miracles. And a specialized training from president about teaching people and not lessons. As we live principles requirements are met. I love my mission. It has become the most precious experience of my life.
Staying frosty in California 
Elder kristensen
We had an Hmong egg roll /uno/ music party with my district today :) 
I was going through a bunch of my unread emails from like 2014. So basically a long time ago Keaton said that once he got home someone could smack him with a milk jug. May I get a video of someone helping keep his word ? 

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