Monday, 28 September 2015


Family and friends it has been a successful week in the mission oak ward. We have seen tons of success with regards to potential souls coming unto Christ and its been a great reminder for as to who really does the work. because let me tell this week was rough regarding bike problems and things that hindered the work. or at least we thought. 
we had a super fun prep day. we did a scavenger hunt and i will send all you pictures of said hunt with what we had to find. i thought some of our pictures were quite hilarious. scavenger hunts are probably the best thing to do for prep day.

Today we did a ton of biking ! we figure we probably bike up to 30 -35 miles a day. my legs will be tree trunks by the end of my mission. we did a service cleaning out a member of the churches little side portion of her house. got real dirty. but i haven't been that dirty since i roofed last so it was a bout time. we  also got to teach C. who we've been teaching for weeks now. shes so close to being baptized!! we also had a lesson with the family that showed up to church a few Sundays ago and we had a member of the stake presidency come with us . such a great lesson. very powerful. talked a lot about the family and how this is ultimately going to bless their family more than anything else in this world. and at that point they lit up. 
we received a referral tuesday night from a guy that just moved into foothills ward ( one of my previous areas). He was baptized by our zone leaders when i was in north sac. anywasy this guy is incredibly missionary minded. he said he had a friend in our area he would like us to meet. so he took us to go meet her. it was a great lesson and she committed to read and to prayabout the book of mormon. we also had a dinner at a members home where they were holding a fall party. it was a very long day and we were working pretty hard so we celebrated by eating 7 bowls of soup. we also taught that investigator that got passed off to us last week who has a baptismal day for october 10... hoping all goes well with that! it will be a pretty awesome miracle. 

was an awesome district meeting. it was all about using time wisely and why we should use time wisely. a video was shown called "how do i love thee"- jeffrey R holland. its a mormon message. go check it out. but it was all about how we should love people. not where when or why should we love . it was all about how . and as i studied scriptures on it and watched the video i thought about how the savior loved. and he loved unconditionally . i especially felt this in 2nephi 26:24. if you want a pretty good idea about how God loves us. READ THIS SCRIPTURE. also something that hit me hard is when Holland said. " its not about 'why dont you love me' either."  when i heard that i just got reminded about all of the times ive felt that when i get turned down by people.  I get so frustrated that people couldnt care less about us when we care for them. but its not about that. thats a selfish thing for me to think because the way Christ loves is unconditionally. even when we do not love him back. and thats the kind of love we should all be striving to have for one another. 
today we did some more service for members in the ward. we had a great dinner with a member we ate a ton because it was so good. then we had an appointment with a new move in in the ward. turns out the new move in is also a islander... and they like to feed the missionaries.. a lot. so we had another huge dinner and we got put to the test on how much food we could eat. i was sorta impressed with myself. plus it tasted so good. but i was regretting it a little bit after. 

saturday :
we had a lesson with the russian lady that we met during the miracle last week. honestly this lady is incredible. she would be such a solid member ! we are going back real soon !   will keep you updated on that. 
Sunday :
Was a  great Sabbath . but unfortunately there was not a lot of proselyting done :/ all week we have been dealing with flat tires and busted bikes. and currently we have 3/4 bikes that are out of commission and a car with no miles so it was busy trying to get those all fixed asap so we had a way to get around. apparently satan has control over bikes because that has been a battle all week. anyways thats all i can remember from my week ! now lets hear about yours ! i love you all !

Elder Kristensen

Scavenger Hunt! 

1. Something that rhymed with chair 

2. Something hairy

3. Something that smelled bad

4. Picture of a box

5. A work of art

6. Something shiny

 7.A burrito 

 8. A cart

 9. An oxymoron

 10. The letter "A"

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