Wednesday, 9 September 2015


HELLLLO FAMILY ! Okay so this week was kind of out of control. One of our zoneleaders a week and a half before actual transfers got pulled to Assistant to the president so we had a zone leader that need to be apart of our companion ship. so we had to split the work between his ward and ours. that was a ton of fun. but we had 5 missionaries living in 1 apartment. that made it really something special. ahaha a few late nights were had. can you blame a bunch of teenagers though ? there was a few highlights that happened this week that were interesting and a ton of fun to say the least . for 1 i did my first baptismal interview ... ever. wow. that is a humbling and a pretty sacred  experience for me. for the first time, i had the responsibility to use the help of the Lord to determine someones worthiness to be baptized. I now have a greater respect to every stake president and bishop out there.  so thank you. This week we also had an interesting lesson with an investigator that we have been seeing all transfer but he hasnt progressed at all. we keep going back because he is 110 % sure the church is true, but he wont keep commitments. so we went in to have a bold lesson with him. and well he kicked us out of his house and called me the adversary. so all in all it went really well ! we also had a zone trainging that was awesome as per usual. 
i am finally 19 ! yup almost a year out on a mission and i am now turning 19. crazy. it was a super cool day ! we started off by attending a transfer meeting , and  then all day picking up a disgusting apartment that we stayed to give to a couple of sister missionaries... yup. they kicked us out and moving us to a different apartment. still the same area though. but we had to completely clean that partment which was nasty. then when we got to our new place it also was trashed so we had to spend time picking that up. For dinner The G's said they would feed me a birthdya dinner. They cooked the best smoked trip tip in the entire planet! it was excellent ! they were so kind ! they also decorated their house and their three kids wrote me happy birthday cards! haha cutest thing ever. i couldnt beleive it. they also went around the table and said something they all appreciated about me. so awesome of them. such a blessing to have them as family here ! Then today i got to go to the temple for the first time since Christmas... lets just say that was much needed. also a very sacred expereincee. much revelation was received. and i have to say and bare testimony of the power of the spirit to testify and bring you further light and knowledge. I know the spirit opens our minds to what is true then expands on it ! such a blessing to have the temple in the mission and also to have the spirit so readily prevellent in my life. and you dont have to be a misionary to be intune with the spirit. Just study your scriptures say your prayers and go to church. then you break the wall that stops you from communicating with god. 
Love you all :),

Elder Kristensen

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