Tuesday, 8 September 2015

August 24, 2015- GREAT SUCCESS

Pretty regular p-day. Although I did decide to take elder Oviatt's advice to make calls Monday night to all the people we wanted to see that week to set up appointments. And it worked AMAZING. So props to Kaden for figuring that one out because it made this week super effective !  Last p-day we played hunger games for a zone activity .
We got pool noodles and nerf guns and placed them all in the centre and then went for it and it was totally epic ! So much fun !
Tuesday :
Wasn't feeling to good today , but we went out and did service for a member anyways. And he had a pluott tree which was absolutely incredibly delicious ! I ate like 7 pluotts . Pretty regular working day after that though. We had a few appointments to go to and things to do . Pretty regular Tuesday !!
Wednesday :
 We did zone service ! A ton a fun. We went to the river valley and was cleaning the river for the whole morning. I burnt my neck SOOOOOO BAD. I  haven't been sun burnt yet all that bad until today. Ouch. Was a lot of fun though.  We also had a super cool experience . It was late and about the time for us to head home and we had just had a terrible contact because it was semi contentious. And we spent way too much time there . But on our way out there was a couple that didn't look to happy . And they even pointed at us from across the parking lot. So being semi obnoxious we decided to go talk to them. Apparently they were pointing at us because they were debating whether they should talk to us or not. She had just moved from Utah and always wanted to meet with the missionaries . And he has been struggling in faith a little.  We showed  up at the right place at the right time.
We had a great chat with them and talked about the priesthood .
Anyways we'll see what happens.
 We had a district meeting ! It went really well I thought. It was centered on the trust God has given us. And it was kind of broken up into three categories being 1. The people we serve 2. Your companion 3. Your calling.
It was a great conversation , on how we are planning people's salvation every study that we have. And how we properly plan for people. Also we have been given companions which is a sacred trust from God because God has trusted them to teach certain lessons to their  comps and to also receive certain lessons. I thought it was just interesting how important our companions really are.  And also the sacred trust of our call. We are called to be on a higher plane of thinking and acting as servants of God. And we have been called to do the work God our father and his son Jesus Christ has labored and mourned and rejoiced over for eternity. Of course there is a sacred trust that comes with that.
We had a ton of appointments today but they all happened to fall through. Yup. You win some you lose some. Reminds you who really does the work and those days are necessary ! We also weekly planned so that is always boss.
Saturday :
We did another service project laying sod and giving food to the homeless at the Catholic Church again.  That was awesome . We also had stake conference this weekend and elder Hamula from the  seventy came . The adult session was at the night. It was incredible and I needed what was said so bad ! I might attach my notes of some of the things the spirit told me.
I loved. President was there also so it's always great to see him.
Sunday :
 We had stake conference and two of our investigators came ! That was a miracle and a half !! Stake conference was again excellent . General authorities always carry an amazing spirit behind them. They know SO much. I want that knowledge. PLEASE. We also spent som
e time with our ward mission leader to correlate. Who also gave a talk on Sunday about his story. After a being in the church for a while he moved away from the church. Even was against it and went on a spiritual journey to find what was right. He explained it being like a maverick running around in the wild trying to find what's right. He went to Peru and India and crazy places to find what's right. 30 years later he is back where he started. Because every bit of truth that he found in each religion led him right back here. Back to what his analogy . He said the gospel was that safe carousel or stable that provided protection safety and nourishment. He always seemed to see it but never wanted to go because all he saw was restrictions. The gospel is that safe place where all good things reside. And it is true. There is nothing more true. That is why we all end right back here . It's why we all find comfort in the gospel.

I love you all ! Here is a picture that is like my little peice of home out here !
Elder kristensen

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