Monday, 14 September 2015

September 14, 2015-Anatomy Lessons in California

monday :
this was transfer week so everything got all messed up ! it was also my birthday this day so YAY. but we sat in transfer meeting and you kind of know already how today went so moving on !

this was P-day ! pretty good . fairly regular ! added some new investigators. infact we found a guy who has ten kids.... we will let ya know how that goes !

Wednesday :
today was a pretty good day ! did some service for a member and then worked.because it was a new transfer we had a stake dinner so that was good. and i had a couple exciting things that happened to me today... but i am only going to tell you of one ! as we were coming to an intersection there was this lady just going nuts at some church people down the street. and we just so happened show up on the corner at the right time. and i think she assumed we were part of that religious group, because she started to get up in my face, and i was trying to chill her out . she made fun of my burnt face ( we were biking all day and im from Canada so what do ya expect) and started tapping the side of my face saying she was going to slap me. and i was so ready to be slapped.. that would have made the best story ! anyways she started walking the direction we needed to go so she got all mad because she thought we were following her. so she yanked down her pants to the knees. im getting an anatomy lesson in Sacramento... 

District meeting ! we had a fun district meeting ! the tables were set up like a boat and we all got on together and the whole meeting was about when peter called the apostles and how we were fishing in life but werent catching anything. but then the lord came and told us to fish a certain way and we were obedient and he blessed us with all kinds of fish. like a good family or a job . or a car. so he established in our minds that he could do anything for us. but then he asked us to follow him , and we had to choose to drop our nets or not. we all have nets we have to drop that prevent us from foollowing the lord just gotta find those out ! 
friday :
we weekly planned. we also had a leadership meeting because this transfer almost 50 perecent of our mission is under 6 months on their mission. we have a super young mission. so anywasy. the thing that stood out to me is the imprtance on focusing on studying the standard works of the churh and also that we are harvesters. not planters or someone who waters. "the feild is white already to harvest." as missionaries we search for those who are prepared. 
saturday :
Super good day ! we worked and saw lots of people . there is a ton of smoke in sacramento because San Andreas ( out in the hills where my first area i served) is potentially going uo in flames. so please send lots of prayers to Ione and Jackson and San Andreas areas. those fires are out of control! lots of evacuations out of San Andreas. 
we also had a stake BBQ lots of people came ! and it was a ton a fun to have a bunch of people there. No investigators showed :( 

Sunday :
MIRACLE.  super cool . there was a family that we didnt recognize that walked in. husband wife and kids.found out husband is a member and the kids are of age to be baptized and are. The Wife came to church the first time in her whole life. wow. its like God literally takes us to them ! 
We also have been putting a huge focus on sacrament as im sure everyone else in the world is. soooooooooooo powerful ! EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION MORE TO THE ORDINANCE OF SACRAMENT. 
Love you all , im happy healthy and doing well :) love you all ! 

Elder Kristensen 

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