Friday, 16 October 2015

October 12, 2015-SORRY-Also, I had a Wonderful 2 Weeks

OK family and friends I'm sorry for being bad about writing last week.
I'll try to give you some updates so that you know what's happening
with me and my area. Last p-day I just got caught up writing letters
and doing other things.I promise I'll give you sufficient update. And
I hit up some highlights.
First off some comedy :
Elder H had to Pee super bad so we went "toilet tracting "to see
if anyone would let him use their toilet. So we finally got to a
Spanish lady who is going to let him in and use the toilet. He almost
got into the bathroom until a man stepped out of another room. This
man is the same man who yells at us every time we come into that
specific apartment complex and not 15 minutes earlier he yelled at us.
Can you believe that? The one house that would let us use the toilet
happened to be the house of the man who hates mormons. So I was
killing myself laughing and Elder E didn't get to Pee. He kicked
us right out.
Okay now for some answered prayers:
First-this happened sometime last week but as we are biking down one
of the major streets, watt Avenue, there was a side road that led into
residential area and I saw two ladies one wearing a bright pink shirt.
They were too far away to stop and we were on the way to an
appointment. So we kept going. But I felt the impression that we had
to go back. It was almost kind of like an inner battle. It took me
almost 3 or four blocks before I decided to say prayer. But as soon as
I asked "father is that someone you want us to see" the answer came
strongly as "yes she needs you." With those words and the warmth of
the Spirit on the back of my neck I could not deny the spiritual
prompting. So we biked back half a mile to chased after these two
women. We caught up to them and started talking. They were very nice
and open to talking. We talked for a little while until an inspired
question was asked and then there was pondering by both women we were
talking. The lady in the pink shirt just had her father die of cancer
not more than a week ago. so we testified of the price of salvation we
testified of comfort that comes from knowing where we came from why we
are here and where we're could anybody deny  that being a
message from God. I testify God knows each of us he knows what we need
and when we need it. He will give us according to our desires,even if
we don't know our own desires . We are all searching for truth whether
we see it or not. I was able to see this message was able to bring
hope someone in dire need. Truly an incredible impression I am
eternally grateful for following. I've strived to be that servant that
the Lord can rely on for anybody he needs me to serve and for whatever
task he needs accomplished. What a blessing it is to know that the
Lord trust me and my companion that much.
second -this week V was baptized. She is absolutely a miracle.
She has incredible faith. she hasn't questioned anything and  has put
complete trust in her father in heaven. Sometimes I think I should
follow her example. She has been a three-week baptism. She's so
willing to accept the Lords will. She has three of the cutest kids in
the entire world. It's crazy how you feel
eternal bonds be made as you teach eternal principles. I have felt the
joy that is talked about in the doctrine and  covenants section 18.
"How great is [my ] joy  ...for just bringing one soul into the
kingdom of God." Pray for her and her family as trials are on their
Therewere lots of people that attended. Lots of nonmembers. Plus the
spirit was superstrong. President Jardine showed up. So that always
makes the baptism. It was very spiritual every talk was on point and
every hymn was perfect. All the new missionaries sang "nearer my God
to thee." That was incredibly powerful. I love baptisms. Just knowing
that that person is seen as perfect in God's eyes touches the soul.
And we have that opportunity every Sunday as we partake of the
sacrament. So get to church!
Some more comedy:
To everyone surprise elder H Plays piano. So he played the piano
at Vs  baptism. Did pretty good on the opening song. But on the
last song he struggled on starting. When he finally got going he
realized it was the wrong song. And everyone else was confused what
was going on. Then he turned and said "can I get a book an English
hymn book this one is in Spanish." He was playing out of the wrong
hymnbook. It was hilarious. Perfect lightness to the baptism.
One last miracle. The night for Vs baptism we were biking and
it was dark. We ran into N on the street ( that's her husband) and
had a great conversation with him. First time we've had to bond with
him since we taught Vanessa. 20 minutes before we saw N we realized
we didn't have our phone and didn't know when we lost it. When we
finish talking to neck we decided to pray to know if we should go back
to the apartment to see if it was day. It would've ended our day early
but  we felt a strong impression to try to find the phone. Middle of a
saying a prayer on the side of the street and as soon as I said the
words "where should we go to find our phone" N came running back
saying "hey elders my wife just called she said she's got your phone
at the house." I couldn't believe it didn't have a phone all day and
then in the middle of our prayer he came back saying they had the
phone. Another testimony that God loves us and is looking out for us.
Of course General conference was excellent I'm sorry I don't have my
notes I felt spiritually renewed and edified by modern day prophets
and apostles. I'm so grateful for the inspiration and revelation that
they received so that we may receive answers to our prayers. If you
have questions go watch conference it has the answersthat is a promise
from our father in heaven.
One of my favorite talk was by President Uchtdorf. It was all about
making the gospel more simple and learning to have it work for you. I
testify itcan work for anyone. That's what the Atonement  is for.  I
love you all I must go and play volleyball because that's the first
time ivehad that my whole mission. It's a miracle!

Love elder kristensen

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