Monday, 28 September 2015

September 21, 2015-Life Sucks And Then You See Miracles

Okay family and friends! this week was fairly good and ill tell you of some miraclesand  of lessons i learned ! so itll be a little less organized. 
This week we had interveiws with president jardine. honestly that man is one of the most inspired people i have ever met in my entire life. He just knows how to do it. ill tell you of two miracles. first was on saturday. we honestly had a very Lame day. it was hot so nobody was outside. and not alot of people were home so it made the job pretty difficult. Plus it is the end of the week and we have no food in the house plus no dinner. so we decide to go for a pee break at the church at 6:30 ish . there were people there so we went to see if they could use some help. turns out they were just finished setting up for a wedding reception and they were going to have a lot less people than what they thought come, so they told us to show up in a half an hour to eat food . THE LORD PROVIDES. so we decided to go work for another hour. didnt think anything great was going to happen. tried contacting someone that wasnt home. honestly the most frustrating days regarding the work. it was about time to head back, but we felt we needed to go down the street just a little farther on our bikes, so we did. there was a woman who was doing yard work so we thought we should ask to see if we could help. She said "please!!" so we helped and started talking with her. she is from russia and she knows great english. we later found out that she is super intersted in the gospel and wants to know a ton more aobut the gospel and how it will help raise her son to be the kid she knows he can be. we are going back on saturday. she was so excited to accep tthe book of mormon and read. this contact honestly made the whole day WORTH IT.  and it only happened when we said " lets go just a little farther before we get food." usually thats exactly when the miracles happen when you say " lets go a little further " or "lets knock one more door". I love the Lord and his tender mercies. he really does lead them to us or us to them that are prepared to receive of the fulness. 
so we also got a quick bite to eat , which was a HUGE blessing for us. we were so grateful that the Lord is aware of us and our needs. honestly he always allows away for us to be provided for !
We also taught a lesson after to a man who honestly just has a dark life. And i just want to testify of the light the gospel can bring to even the darkest places ... like its incredible the answers that a person like this man could find in the restored gospel. It brings a profound understanding to everything about this life that we all spend lifetimes searching for . i am so grateful for the knowledge that i have and continue to gain from The Doctrines of Jesus Christ. 
also another miraacle was there was an investigator in the spanish ward that came to church and it turns out shes actually english in our area... and wants to be baptized. on octoer10 . yup Elder H's first baptism and a HUGE MIRACLE on its way! i will keep you updated what happens there. 
We had an incredible sunday school lesson. ive had a constant frustration on my mission and a question in my heart that i havent quite been able to put into words. but this lesson took the question and put it right out there. and it was clear to me what it was. it is 

"how must i learn what i must learn, do what i must do, and become what i must become- not with standing my inadequacy and my ability to achieve?"  

i dont know but i feel as though thats a pretty big question we all ask. and honestly it is through the transformative power of the atonement. which we can access by first partaking of the sacrament EVERY week. the Atonement has the power to change us only if we let it. From the words of my homie Kaden Oviatt " dont ever reject the change god will bring within you." 
my testimony is that God is aware of us. that he knows what we must go through. And he knows where WE must look to receive a remission of our sins and to overcome our struggles. and that is through Christ our Lord. 
I love you all. I love the scriptures. i love feasting on them EVERYDAY. because truly they have the power to "heal the wounded soul"- Jacob 2:8. 

From Your missionary in Sac town California,

Elder Kristensen

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