Tuesday, 8 September 2015

August 31, 2015-Things Are Wild in the Sunshine State

monday :
was a pretty regular p-day. except we played marshmallow paint ball. we set up tables as barricades then had large marshmallows and used them to throw at each other while playing capture the flag. i did not think you could through a marshmallow that hard but it left a couple of good marks on my back!  we also had a leadership meeting . got to talk about the zone and its needs and how we can best help the Lords work in East sacramento! 

We had another new Missionary meeting for Elder H. pretty regular meeting with the president ! we also had to rush over to an investigators storage unit because we were gong to move a bunch of stuff into her apartment complex. it was sooooo hot outside. but totally worth it . C is great and she did really need the help ! we also had a lesson with her and answered a lot of her questions and concerns ! other than that the day was reaally slow. but we decided to go looking for someone the bishop asked us to go see. we had the apartment number wrong at first but something told us to knock the wrong door anyway. And low and behold God knew better than us because there was a family behind that door that we have sinced added as new investigators so we will see what happens! 

we got to do service for a recent convert in our ward! So boss . he has pluotts in his back yard and i just eat those all day. A plu otts takes everything i dont like about an apricot and replaces it with a delectable plum taste. truly god given. we also helped C finish moving ! 
so probably the funniest most awkward thing happened. while we were teaching this lesson in a park at a bench we heard something behind us at the houses werent too sure what it was ...so we kept teaching. then we heard it again. so i looked behind me and the investigator looked also. and there stood a completely nude lady chasing after her dog. yup. spirit gone. then she was gone so we kept teaching . committed him to be baptized and everything. went really well.    then as we were reporting on the lesson in the car i wanted to take a picture of the n-bench because its funny. and so i unrolled the window to turn and look at the bench and take a picture and then boom there she was again at the bench we just taught the restoration at !! so we peeled out pretty quick .

we had district meeting. sorta regular day except for a God given miracle. one of the investigators in our zone is technically not legal in the united states and she had a court date today to see if she was going to be deported or not. the trip was if she stays she gets married and her family is baptized. but if she gets deported she gets taken from her family and not baptized. so our whole zone did a fast to try to get her to stay. that night we got the news that she gets to stay!! fasting and prayer is real :) 

Friday :
Had an extra long weekly planning session to set up an awesome week for this week.other than that. nothing much happened. regular day. 

Saturday :
we did service at the Catholic church again where we serve food to the Homeless people. so always a ton of fun as per usual. we also had to do studies. always a joy ! i love the scriptures so much. im gaining a bigger and bigger love for them everyday. sometimes i wish i could just sit and study all day . we also had a couple activities. one where it was a movie night for all our investigators and also pie in the park for our ward. we are out pof miles so we got a ride to the stake center but half way through we left to go to pie in the park. but we didnt have a car. so we were on foot, YAY

Sunday :
great sabbath day . Elder H and i were both fasting . we had an amazing gospel principles class. and to summarize what we were talking about  we talked about an eternal promise from god. and that is :
What we didnt have then...
what we dont have now...
we will have in the future.

i can testify to everyone that those words are the most ttrue things ive ever heard. especially when it comes down to the Joy that is felt with the eternal family. i know that eternal families are real. we talked alot about our families. and something i have come to know to be true that i have lived the blessed life i have because of the gospel of Jesus Christ and my parents choice to follow the saviour and raise us in the gospel. i feel ive had it so easy compared to some of the people around me. but i see that that is the fruits of following the exmple of christ. his gospel and his organization has been the center of the blessings my family has received it is truly a blessing :) 

 I got to ask the patriarch here a few question but one of the most important questions i asked him was, "what is the most important piece of advice you could ever give to a missionary?" and he replied with " im going to tell you the most important thing i have ever come to know to be true.... and that is families are eternal when you are sealed in the temple of God under priesthood power. so my most dearest advice would be live worthly to enter and be married celestially in the temple of our Father and our saviour Jesus Christ." How powerful is that ? 
that is a Goal i will forever hold dear to my heart and soul. 

Anyways love you all ! 
Elder KRistensen 

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