Tuesday, 18 August 2015

August 17, 2015

Okay itll have to be a quick on this week ! 
I just want to be able to tell you of a couple mircales and things that happend. first off there was a baptism for an investigator i taught down in Elk Grove. i got transfered out before her baptism but they allowed me to go back and this baptism was super special because there was 5 people bapitsing her. ill send a picture. the other miracle that happened this week was while we were sitting in zone conference i got this strong impression that we needed to go see this certain family that dropped us the week before. it was a very strong prompting. as we walked out of the conference elder H (my comp) came up to me and said that we needed to go see this family that dropped us.  at that point i was sold. we had to go see this family that dropped us flat. dont know why, but we both were moved enough to go see them,. so we did. THEY WELCOMED US BACK ! whhaaaaaa!? we'll see what happens. also we fasted on sunday so that anyone we were working with would come to church. we had this super solid investigator named C come to church! she is so awesome ! probably will get baptized. she has so much faith. we will see what comes of it in the next few weeks. 
i Have been studying a lot about peoples ability to become. ive come to know that life isnt as much about what you have accomplished in this life but rather what you have become. What we become is greatly manifested in what we do. but God ultimately looks at the person we become. and the only way that we will become what we  are intended to become is through the atonement of christ accessed in the restored Gospel . We are blessed. we must take that blessing and use it ! 
Love you all ,
Elder Kristensen 

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