Friday, 4 December 2015

November 9, 2015- The Good, The Best, And The Better

monday was awesome ! pretty regular P-day but we had a chance to teach the Es again ! i love that family and the kids still plan to be baptized this coming weekend. such a blessing! we are hoping the mother will come around. just have to keep praying and fasting for her. we also had dinner at the stake presidents house. we had the most amazing converstion about the prophet joseph smith. wow. i revere that man. we reflected on all the things that he did and what the Lord did through him. Joseph went through some of the worst treatment and gained literally nothing out of it other than seeing the salvation of man here on earth again. He gained nothing for being tortured. why would someone do that if it was not true. when joseph left his family, he knew he was leaving to his death. would  a lair and a cheat do that ? not a chance. that man was called of God. and he is a prophet. and the restoration did happen.  and this is Gods truth in these last days. 

tuesday we froze our tails off at night,,, it was like 14 degrees celcius or something like that. isnt that sad? i cant adjust to this weather because im going to freeze when i go home ! but we were taken to taco tuesday for dinner and i ate fish tacos for the first time ever. probably one of the best things i have ever had. plus they were only a 1.50 $ each ! 

Wednesday we had the new missionary meeeting for Elder H and i. it was awesome. learned a ton of things and was able to see alot of weaknesses that i need to work on. but as does everyone i guess. i love receiving inspiration on what i need to work on because half the time i dont even know where to begin. but thats the thing is God also works through the weak and the simple. so the weaker i guess the better than ? we also got our bikes and headed off and it was cool-we were biking and we were about to pass this lady on her bike but right when we said hello she pulled over and yelled "oh no i have 2 flats !" and luckily we happened to be right there and we carry like 8346259784265729 patches in our bags. so we sat there with this lady fixing her bike picking thorns out of her tires for almost two hours talking to her. she really was a lovely lady. wasnt very interested in the gospel though . but the seed was planted . 

thursday was technically my year mark ! what up !! completely mixed feelings about it. i feel as though i should a much stronger testimony than what i do and be way more christ like than what i currently am but i guess i cant become perfect in just 2 years right ? ahah thats why i have a life time to work on it.  i love what this year has looked like but i am kind of bummed about it to be honest. only because it means i only have a year left serving God as a full time missionary. but eh, the work will go forward ! but nothing too exciting happened this day. just regular. i thought about burning something.. but then i realized that i need my clothes. 

friday we had an incredible zone training . so good. it was all about "catching the fire" of missionary work. they said that it all comes from a foundation of christ with the pillars of obediennce knowledge work ethic and attitude. and i think thats with anything in life and really the secret to being happy. your testimony MUST have the foundation as christ to be truly joyful in this life. there was kind of an object lesson. and ill send a picture of it.  we also ate the biggest burger ever made by none other than JG himself. im telling you that guy needs to own a restraunt but he wont ever listen to me. 

saturday was a great day. we chose to fast for a family. so it was a pretty regular day except for in the evening we went on a temple tour . and SO many people we ionvited came. it was awesome . very spiritual experience for all of them. 

sunday was awesome because everyone also came to church ! we also taught a russian man who very much disagreed with the book of mormon saying things like "someguys tried making it sound like scripture and were close, but it just doesnt line up with the bible." i just want to take a quick second to testify that the book of Mormon isvery much not man made but crafted by the savior himself. the book of mormon teaches the word of God so simply and beautifully that yo could not deny the divinity or authenticity of its pages. i have found the most comfort on those pages than another book or thing. and i know that it is a perfect harmonious testimony of jesus Christ with the old and new testaments. I know the book of mormon to be the word of the Lord, and i only know that because i have read it and applied its principles. before anyone goes to judgement. read. the. book. and try telling me that it is not from God. I know its true. my friends family and God bearing witness of it. 
i love you all. you are all incredible people ! thank you for the support :D

Elder Kristensen

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