Friday, 4 December 2015

November 23, 2015-Hello Family!

Sorry this will be quick, but please send this to everyone.
Hello family ! This will have to be a shorter email but I want to let
you know of some highlights.

There was a surprise baptism for me ! Down in Elk Grove a meinh lady
was baptized ! Elder p 
and I contacted her and had
about 3 appointments with her. After the first one we looked at each
other and said "this girl is totally getting baptized!!"  But then She
fell off and we lost contact ... BUT  apparently 3 weeks ago she
cAlled and said "elders ! I received my answer!! I have to do temple
work for my ancestors . God has told me. I have to be baptized ."
WHAT?! Coolest thing ever. So the missionaries picked her up again and
was baptized Saturday. She is the most incredible person I have ever
met. She is so spiritually sensitive. When we first met her we were
talking to her mom and she walked in. And we invited her to listen.
She said that that day she felt like she needed to come early for some
reason. She didn't know why. But she did, and she saw us and didn't
really want to listen but she did.  And she was seeking for truth so
when an answer came her way she acted and was baptized. What a great
example to us! Just be Humble and you can receive an answer. Quite the
This week was honestly filled with tons of meetings and other things.
We went on a couple of exchanges. Had district meetings . And a new
missionary meeting. Went well ! But it was a tough week to proselyte.
The mission is working on catching fire and trust me , we are fanning
the flames !
I love you all! Sorry to make this short !
Elder kristensen

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