Tuesday, 3 November 2015

November 2, 2015- Halloween in the 916

Good day friends and family !
It's been another wonderful week in
sunny California , filled with warm days, not enough sleep, and food
comas. Don't forget a load of spiritual goodness for my heart to sing
over .
Due to the fact I have not written in my journal this week I have
forgotten a majority of the events. I have to get back into that
wonderful habit so my mission doesn't go forgotten. There just may be
a week here and there missing.
Anyways this week was awesome . We happened to have a few thing fall
through unfortunately :/ but the E family is doing great ! The
kids are on date and we are hoping the mom will choose to be baptized
also on nov 14 to complete the family.  It will be such a miracle and
a blessing for all of them to choose to be baptized. We are still
waiting for C to pick her baptismal date but it will be in the
near future I'm sure.  We have had lots of fun finding new
investigators and biking around .
Elder H. is awesome ! We get a long great !
So for Halloween we had a training on the sabbath day in the evening .
President Jardine even came.  As missionaries the sabbath day is just
kind of like every other day. Except we go to church. So we make it
less sacred than it should be .  So we had a training about how we can
make the sabbath more hallowed as missionaries. Generally my overall
thought was its an attitude toward the day. We still have to proselyte
on Sunday  but if we keep the fact that it's the sabbath on the for
front of our minds it'll make it more powerful. Then president Jardine
stood up and told us what will really make our sabbath day more holy.
And he told us to remember and focus on the fact that we are partaking
of the sacrament that day. A saving ordinance completely necessary for
exaltation.  we take every Sunday. Every Sunday we take emblems
representing our savior and his atoning sacrifice. The only ordinance
we repeat for our selves. I wish I truly understood how important it
truly is in each of our lives. So this Sunday I focused on the effect
that the sacrament really has in my life. And as I fasted and prayed
about it I have received an increased testimony of its refreshing
power. It truly feels like being renewed again.

Anyways. We had an hour after the training to have some fun. So we
played apples to apples. I I haven't played that game in a LONG time!
It was so much fun just to break out of missionary mode and play a
game with some friends and family. I loved it !
Anyways I love you all ! Stay safe and stay  gold everyone !
Elder kristensen

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