Wednesday, 9 December 2015


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Hello family and merry CHRISTmas ! We had a pretty good week here. It was transfer week so everything was a little crazier than usual. But all is well!
Monday we had a regular work day. And for whatever reason we had unusual amount of success . It seemed as though everyone we talked to was willing to listen and interested in hearing more ! How crazy is that. But we worked hard and we came home just feeling good. Although we felt kind of bummed we had some unfortunate things happen with an investigator that sort of bummed us out. But al, is well because the lord has provided for them.  The zoneleaders have now moved in with us. Elder S and elder S moved out. I like our zoneleaders !
I know both of them fairly well. Elder G was my zone,elder in north sac and elder S was with me down in Lodi zone. They are also training a new missionary together... That's strange. His name is elder P from Texas!!

Tuesday was our preparation day. It was great. A very lazy day for me.
We were stranded at the house because we have no car so we stay there all day.  So we got so,e things around the house done . And worked on some much needed things that I have had not much time with.
We also started getting a little worried about C because we haven't talked to her in 3 weeks . But she called on Monday saying she wanted to meet and set a baptismal date ! It's a miracle ! She needed a bit of time to think . So we had an appointment today with her and she said she wanted to be baptized dec 19 so we will see what happens . Also had an appointment with the E. Sister E is growing a testimony in the gospel so strong and she is t even a member! She heard someone at work start speaking falsely about the church and she said that she went in and defended the faith boldly and that same night a family member called and did the same thing and she stood up to them about it also. What a great example. She risked her job on defending the restored gospel !

Wednesday I had a doctors appointment in Folsom so we went on a road trip!  It was also the stake transfer dinner. So we got to be fed by the stake presidency and we are super excited about this transfer. We also ran into our bishop at the church and talked to him for an hour.
That guy is a comedian.
Thursday we had district meetings ! They went awesome , I am no longer district leader so I didn't have to prepare anything ! That was kind of a good break.  We also had to fix a flat tire so it put our day off about an hour. It poured buckets . We got absolutely soaked biking. It was awesome except for the fact it was freezing.

 Friday was a very busy day. Elder H got a flat tire on the busiest street in the area though. So we had to have the Spanish elders come save us and race us to our appointment that we were late too. We went and taught V . Who is doing awesome. She is so
faithful.   But because we had a flat we had to start a long walk to
the stake center for our ward Christmas party. So much fun. We did Christmas movie trivia on movies like a Christmas story and elf etc.
just classics. We had also a zone meeting to set a transfer vision .

Saturday spent half the day fixing flat tires. We fixed elder Hs after studies then on our way out I had a flat tire. So we were in the house until 1230. Threw our whole day off.  We also rode the "tour de sacramento" we had to go from the top of the area to the bottom corner in 5 minutes. That was quite the exercise. I really hope that al, the biking I do will keep me in shape.

Sunday  was a wonderful sabbath. We were out working right after church and realized we needed to do studies so we called the Es to see if we could borrow a room in their house . We went and did our studies and could hear them watching Star Wars in the back ground.
Haha that was a tender mercy I think ! The Christmas devotional was wonderful.  I thought it was the coolest thing that elder bednar told the Christmas story through the Book of Mormon. That is a new perspective that I've never thought too much about. The Book of Mormon gives an amazing account of the saviors birth. We kind of had unfortunate events on our way to the devotional. I ended up with a flat tire (surprise)  and we were going to be late so I biked as hard as I could on a flat tire to make it there on time. Also that night as we were returning home to our apartment there was a car that pulled up with a Tongan in it. His name is elder H ... Or brother H
He used to be a missionary here . And out of my 4 areas I've served in he has been in 3. So his name was all over our records . And now all of a sudden I put a face to a name . Coolest thing.  He was just visiting a member in the same complex as us.

Anyways I am grateful for the gospel and my mission. H said that this mission has changed him and impacted his life for eternity. Made me think about how my mission has impacted me. And some how I find myself still being Nathan , but my nature is changing ! And that is the blessing of the atonement ! Anyone can have a change within themselves. You don't have to be on a mission to change. What a blessing it is that the lord will help us improve .  And that can start today. All you have to do is act in faith.
I love you all !
Elder kristensen

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