Monday, 7 December 2015

November 30, 2015- Thanksgiving

So this week we had LOTS  that happened. On Pday we had the wonderful bro and sister T come out to east sacramento to take us out to a buffet to eat ! I'm so glad they were willing to make that drive from ione to come see us! What a blessing.  It's hard to beleive this time last year I was in ione. I miss that place so much .
We finally had a couple days on Tuesday and Wednesday to work all day without any disruptions or meetings .... Yay! It was a first for almost all transfer . Felt great.
We had American thanks giving ! So prepare yourselves this is going to be a long one.
So it was a normal "proselyting " day for us so what they wanted us to do was set up appointments with members and go from  place to place .
So we did just that ! We started by doing service for a member in eastern avenue ward ( hence the hanging lights and raking leaves and force choke pictures). We did a ton of fun things for that member. She is a single mom with both her daughters on missions right now. That is a faithful mom. I am so impressed. Her daughter is actually currently serving in the canada Calgary mission. She was just transferred to okatoks. So keep an eye out for sister Cruthers!  We had lots of fun doing that. We soon after went to a lunch at a members home who just moved in. Then booked it over to see V and her family. Spent an hour or so with them. I truly love that family . Soon after we went to the church for the singles dinner they had . I ate a ton of sweet potatoes . Yum. But I prepared myself for the grand dinner at brother Js . We had  a great meal and time with them. They had lots of their family over ( which most are members of this ward). Truly that family has become part of my family away from family! I'm THANKFUL for all the members of the church that look after us. Truly. Then at 7 pm we had a zone training introducing the new Christmas initiative " a savior is born" which is so good. It has an invitation on it of "discover why." It has caused me some deep reflection as to really why the savior was born for me specifically. And since I've been doing that specific events and situations have come to my mind where the savior has been ever so present and  involved in the circumstance. And because of those experiences I know why the savior was born for me!
It was a great training getti us excited to do missionary work this Christmas season.
Also the other pictures are our fort that we built in the apartment .... Also a fire that was put together with broken peices of dresser.
Saturday we got transfer calls. I dodged another transfer !! Elder H and I will stay together in mission oak ward and we will be together for Christmas here ! I am so excited ! I love this area. I also was on an awesome exchange with elder G today. We added lots of investigators to the teaching pool. It's aweso,e to see all the miracles that come on exchanges. I think it's gotta be the faith of that missionary because he is a great elder !
 I love you all ! It has been a great week ! Sorry for another weak email! I gotta start them sooner.  I love you all !
Elder kristensen

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