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November 16, 2015- "I'm a general authority not a specific authority, figure it out!"-Elder Hamula

FAMILY. so sorry about not writing yesterday. i  forgot that we had a mission conference on monday that kept us from p-day. Elder Hamula from the first quorum of the seventy came. what an incredible experience that was. i will first give just a quick little run by of some of the things this week. 
we spent a lot of the week preparing for a baptism this weekend that happened !  such incredible childern. this family has been so strongly influenced by the spirit. they just showed up to church one day because the little girl begged her dad to go. the Lord works through the simple and because she felt the promptings so strongly their family now actively attends church. what a miracle and an eternal blessingto those kids and parents. truly we must become as childern. mosiah 3:19 . read it. live it. love it. 
we also went on exchanges. being a district leader one of the things we must do is exchanges. so i went on an exchange with one of the spanish missionaries into his area to work. he is brand new. he came out to the feild the same time that my companion did. What an assume kid. all he does is want to work and want to try his best. He's been a little worried about the lanugage so i did something not so nice, and that was to go into his area so he was the only elder that could communicate with the spanish people. what a miracle we saw that day as he was given the gift of tongues. he was able to communicate and invite, and contact anyone we talked to fluidly. i was amazed. and he was also. He came away feeling so much more confident which was my hopes ! 

The most incredible highlight along with the baptism was elder Hamula. now i wish i could write everything that he said to us but that would take WAY toooooo long. but here are my notes. they are the things that the spirit bore witness to me that i need to work on. and that im looking to apply. but my hope is that by sharing my personal insights you also may be helped.
Zone conference -
Missionary on fire cannot cope with an hour wasted .
 e-veryday .
Fanning the flame or dousing the fire there is no in between
Catching fire starts from the inside .
The word "shall" is given to us as a covenant
Heart - obedience. might - attitude. mind -knowledge . strength - work ethic
How to keep the fire burning ? Hebrew 12:1-3
How do you know the lord ?? Mosiah 5:13
Come to know him as you serve as he would serve . By doing the best I know how.
 diligent pursuit    through duty .
When the price of execution in our plans  is too much.... Keep paying the price .
It's a matter of faith . the Lord will provide.
My faith needs to be stronger than 2 investigators a week.
Desire is key in excersizing faith .
If I'm satisfied then that's what I'll get .
Don't default to go back to what I've always done . Do something
What will I lay on the altar?
Spiritual death comes when I hold back when I've committed to give all .
Don't talk myself out of what comes to mind.
If you don't know if you are doing your best ... ASK
Satan will tell me what I lack and nothing more. But the lord will
tell me what I lack and show me the way to overcome .
last of all this quote which for what ever reason has pierced my soul: 

"If we (regarding the general authorities and the Lord)  get you for the rest of your life, your mission was a complete
success." -elder hamula

Love you all,
Elder Kristensen

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