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December 29, 2014 Christmas and New Years

Alright Sorry everyone for not being able to write any big emails Lately
just because the Holidays are CRAZY. but Ill give you a run through of my
Christmas and New years ! 

Christmas eve:

So today was a normal working day until 4 pm. That's when our P-day started.
Not Alot of work was done due to the fact Studies take until 11am and we had
district meeting at 12 in San Andres which is on the other side of the
planet it seems. so we never got to spend a lot of time in the Lords
Vineyard seeking out the righteous and the humble of heart. Then we didnt
actually get dinner with a member because we had a wicked zone Activity down
in Lodi where we played basketball pretty much all night. except for a white
elephant gift exchange where i ended up with some stamps. SO WRITE ME
PEOPLE. And we got to have a lovely sleepover at the Zoneleaders house. 8
Elders in one apartment. two mattresses.  

Christmas Day:

We got up at 6:30 as per usual then Headed home so we could do studies at 8
am as per usual then PRESENTS FROM ANGELS ON HIGH. That and Family and
friends! Thank you everyone who sent me their love ! that was awesome im so
glad i was able to get such creative gifts from everyone. especially my
awesome Bro tie from Sis. Oviatt that i have to wear every tuesday with the
rest of the guys around the World !! To remind us we are all as the army of
Helaman Serving our Lord from all four quarters of the Earth. Its truly
amazing how this work is progressing. After which we went to a members home
to skype the family. What a blessing it was to get to see them! All of them
look great ! except for taylor....He was looking especially good. I know my
prayers are being answered when i pray every night for my family members.
Absolutely the Enabling power of the atonement as been blessing them the
same way it has blessed me the last two months out in the mission field. I'm
so Glad for my Savior Jesus Christ looking out for me and those i love.
Then we slept.... for almost three hours because we were just exhausted.
Probably the most relaxing christmas of all time :)

New years Eve:

Awesome night! same as christmas Pday started at 4 pm and we had a zone
activity at a members home in Lodi! Wicked night! They had out door
basketball and tennis , also pool and Air hockey. which is probably the
first hockey related thing I've seen since ive been here. We had a member
from our ward come who is a return missionary from mexico ! this guy is
awesome! we did a count down at 8:45 because we had to retire to the
apartments at 9. We spent another night at the Zone Leaders house and the
Floor has never felt sooooo nice.

New years Day:

EVER HAVE.  Happy birthday care-bear I love you :) Oh ya dad Happy birthday
5 days from now ;) unfortunately I'll miss it . you Only Kind of old. Love
you. But for today we got up early to go play basketball and Eat Subway and
study and write emails! I studied Alma 34 today where the Prophet Alma the
younger is giving advice to his son Helaman. i suggest you all go read it
becasue it is soooooo powerful. 

Also i read something the other day in The Book of Mormon pertaining to God
and wanting to receive signs from Him so we can know its true. I know ive
wanted signs, but Alma 32:17-19 give a great answer!

Things are great everyone! Looking forward to bringing some people unto
Christ and his church in January there is a few people on the straight and

narrow path !

Re: First Transfer
Surprise Im STAYING ! but We had to say good bye to Elder W.

 Christmas in Cali
 Favourite picture of all time
 Christmas Ties from Jordan McPhee
Christmas present from Mom

Stay tuned later tonight for more pictures!!! 

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