Monday, 19 January 2015

January 19, 2015-SPA DAY

Well I'll just lay out my week again for you guys! 


This day marks the first day I've eaten Mcdonalds on the mission. It was an
amazing day. Not just because we went to Mcdonalds but also becasue Elder
S and i bought Face masks. Ultimate relaxing espcially because our walk
in shower.... is also a bathtub with jets. amazing right? Probably the best
thing besides the Gospel. I also learned I'm useless without God. Even the
prophet Alma thinks so. Alma 26:12.


So something big happened today in the Progression of a recent Convert. This
man lives in a very humble home with no electricity. And when we first met
him he was very clear that he goes at his own pace and no way that he was
going to the Temple any time soon. But this week we met with him we felt a
powerful feeling to invite him to go and do Baptisms for the Dead in the
Temple. He hummed and hawed until we described how important it was... then
he was all for it ! Makes me so happy to see him progress as a new member.
we are going to go with him sometime this week i hope! 


Nothing spectacular happened today, but just a little bit of frustration
with people who believe they know more about our religion then we do. people
tell us all kind of things that are not true. The internet can hurt a lot
sometimes. DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ. We also took our bikes out
again because it was HOT! You get so many more contacts that way.


We had an awesome district meeting today. Totally inspired. One of the
things we did in it was a real life role play teaching another missionary
about a missionary principle or thing to help them as a missionary as a way
to practice commitments. GENIUS. we took five minutes to pray and seek for
inspiration as to what we should teach and commit them for. I was committed
to have more Faith in Jesus Christ and always remember i work for him. Which
was crazy because the day before i was just studying about that and told
myself i needed to have more faith in Him rather than myself.


we did service for 5 hours today in Bro H's back yard. he has a huge
back yard Garden! then we did weekly planning which is terribly boring, then
all you can eat chinese food!


Awesome day ! we definitely guided to people today. we ended placing three
Book of Mormon and added a couple investigators ! Work is booming and it is
awesome to see the progression of this area. we also ate chinese food again
and heard a chinese version of Jon Denvers "take me home country road"


Amazing Sacrament meeting. i have slowly seen what our work in Ione has
really become because we had a couple, 2 single ladies and a family we have
been working with that are less active members at church! super awesome!
hopefully they will be coming back into activity. Also there was an amazing
talk on forgiveness. Forgiving others and being forgiven. It touched my soul
on both aspects. Forgivness is a commandment people ! do it! also You know
your father in heaven has forgiven you when you have done all you can to be
forgiven. Lots learned but im running out of time. So i have to get going !

Everything is going great everyone! i Miss you all and hope all of you are
taking joy in the Gospel! Much Love from you missionary in california,

Elder Kristensen

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