Monday, 5 January 2015

January 5, 2015 "Now Let Us Rejoice"

So Despite New Years and the Busy part of the Holidays we have had a couple
of very successful weeks! Elder S. and i have exceeded almost all of our
goals for the amount of lessons we teach!! this Last week we taught 30!!!
Unfortunately though we cannot choose peoples agency. we only have one
person technically progressing and a couple investigators we are working
with ! I'll give you guys a little run down of whats happened since i last
wrote on New years day!

Jan 1 Thursdays:

Super Relaxing day !! we spent most of it Playing sport s for like 5 hours
!! Later on that evening One of the Families in our ward invited us to a
bonfire out in the country where a bunch of less active and nonmember people
would be! this fire was crazy!!! and we left just in time becuase they
started jumping the fire with dirt bikes and launching fire works at each
other,  but we got to talk and meet some wonderful people. Trying to get
them back to church! I also had an interesting stud this day. Alma 34:32
Provides us with the purpose of life. it says life is a time to prepare to
meet God and Exercise our labours. BUT, in verse 34 it also says something
else that this life is preparing us for ! i challenge all of you to check it
out ! and give it a little thought!

Jan2 Friday:

"pray Like its all on HIM. Work Like its all on YOU"-wicked quote that our
district leader gave.  Not A lot of anything exciting happened today other
than a lot of contacting and knocking doors! we did add a new investigator
though which is always awesome! Also here is a cool Acronym that Elder R.
came up with While in the bathroom :







Cool definition of worthy.

Jan 3 Saturday:

Awesome day! but super long ... we didnt stop working until 10:10 pm. DANG.
but we got to teach So manny people! We added another Lady who has the most
open mind in the world! when we talked about Joseph Smith she Immediately
said she Believes that he has to be a prophet! talk about a prepared heart!
it's amazing to see how the Lord speaks Through his missionaries with the
spirit to touch the hearts of his children.

Jan4 Sunday:

So today didnt go as planned but thats okay because the Lord Controlled
today! We were suppose to have an investigator at church today with her boys
that are sppose to get baptized at the end of the month but Sacrament
started and they werent there. i was super sad, and during the opening hymn
i decided to pray just to ask Father in heaven what the deal was and please
have her come. As soon as i ended that prayer Elder Simms nudged me and told
me The investigator and her childern just walked in!!!! Prayer is real my
friends !! Prayer is real!! not only is prayer awesome but its also a
commandment of the Lord to Pray to him in everything you do and say . I
promise you you will feel and see the difference!

Thats all for now family and friends Love you :) BYE!

Elder Kristensen

 Facetiming Home
 Receiving text messages from families with this picture attached.

Elder S. 

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