Tuesday, 16 December 2014

December 15, 2014


Weird thing happened this day... that being I got my first haircut ever by
someone who ISN'T my mother!!!! Weird right? I felt a little weird. It was
don by a Sister J who has been cutting hair for more than 50 years!
Also terribly hilarious story. We went and got subway to eat a little
breakfast. we noticed that a man standing outside with a sign asking for
$5.00 so he could get a hot meal. So Elder S. , being the Christ like
child of God he is, went and offered half of his sub to this man. We put a
Christmas pass along card with this sub and gave it too him and right after
we gave it to him he turned and started to bash HARD. We were kind of peeved
until we remembered the scripture Mosiah 2:17 in the Book of Mormon.


We met with a Recent Convert who lives out on a native reserve which is
always fun ! But it was cool because when we were praying as to what to
share with him, Elder S. and I were both impressed to talk about he
Christ like attribute of patience. And that was definitely  guide by the
Spirit of the Lord because it hit home for him and he new thats what he
needed to work on the most. As probably does most of us. We also decided
this day to go and talk to a member to contact some of his referrals he had
for us. He wasnt home but noticed his lawn needed to be raked so in our
shirt and ties we decided to do it. Elder S. had to jump into the garbage
can and jump on it every so often. Quite comical. We also decided to go to
one of our invvestigators house and do it also because he was in a
motorcycle accident and couldnt. It was amazing to see how grateful him and
his wife were when they saw what we did. It reminded me why I like to do


We did exchanges this day with San Andreas. Totally sucked. the San Andreas
Elders literally live in a garage with a toilet. Plus we spent the whole day
driving around so theres not much to talk about here.


TEMPLE CONFERENCE. Wow there is lots to say about this day, but first I have
to say I am SOOOOOO GRATEFUL for temples. Everytime you go a new question to
the soul is answered and you feel so peaceful after that you are apologizing
to the guy that cut YOU off on the way home. Peoples work towards or go to
the temple as much as you can. The Lord will bless you for doing his work.
we first got to temple hill (yes the temple has a whole hill for itself and
the drive up is awesome) and did a little conference and lunch. Then a
temple session and we didnt even get home till late.


The does provide miracles!! we were able to teach 5 lessons this day and
added a whole family !!! Little Ione is prepared!!


Christmas parade and the ward christmas party happened today !! Ione has the
cutest little traditions! plus the Ward Christmas party was HUGE plus there
was so many non member there!

Also Elder S. and had to sing a song. I wante to share one of the verses
that we came up with.

Because i have been given much i too must serve

I'll leave the comfort of my home to teach thy word

I'll Teach thy sheep who've gone astray

and those who've never known the way 

I'll make thy work my work today


Alright here it is... the big news. We had a conference call at 8 to here a
big surprise from President J. and all of us were expecting Ipads. It
wasnt Ipads. 

They are splitting the Sacramento mission with the Fresno mission and
creating a new one called the Modesto CA mission. This mission is
anticipated to start July 1 2015. No one knows whose going to that mission
yet but some will be reassigned to start a brand new mission off. I should
know in Januarary whats happening with me.  No one else in the world will no
about it until tuesday and wednesday.  Only the first presidency of the
church and our mission knows. I'll keep you updated. The Lord is hastening
his work. The sacramento mission is having so much success because of the
Lord. Requiring a new mission.

I love you all, stay sweet,

Elder Kristensen

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  1. Thanks for posting....so great to read of Elder K's adventures in discipleship!! 😊