Wednesday, 28 January 2015

January 26, 2015 -YAY FOR ANOTHER WEEK

Alright here it is!


Wicked pday ! We went to mcdonalds. we Also decided to go bowling because
we had free passes so that was awesome. Im awful but thats alright! I also
found out that my boy Richard cut his hair. So heart broken i couldnt be
there for it. Also today we got to teach C., at a members FHE. C. is
someone we found just on the street outside of her house as we were placing
flyers ! she now has a baptismal date in Feburary! It was cool because we
got talking about the Atonement, and all it took was bearing a strong
testimony of the Atonement and what it has done in my life and what it could
do in hers, for her heart to be touched by the spirit of the Lord. Bare
testimony friends alll the time! 


Super Spiritually exhausting days! i was Edified to the max! I went to a new
missionary meeting ( the one i missed to 7 weeks ago...woops) where i
learned a lot of different things about how to plan effectively and help my
studies be more effective and centered around investigators and their needs.
i Also got to work on planning better for my investigators . one of our
assistant to the president said "preparation precedes power" so awesome. I
also got to talk with the president and he gave me some new inlightenment id
like to share with you! He talked to me about the difference Guilt and Godly
sorrow. He asked me what kind of words come with guilt and i said "ashamed,
darkness, saddness etc" and then he asked me if any of those words involved
the saviors plan. and of course i said no. He then went on to xplain how we
guilt is of the devil and makes you look back. but as soon as you start
feeling guilt you are falling into satans temptations. Godly sorrow on the
other hand is the feeling that desires you to make a change. to look forward
rather than back and in the end causes happiness. i invite all you to think
about that and what you uorself may be feeling. 


The work has really begun to hasten here !Today i finally got my package
from home that had HOME MAD APPLE JUICE. liquid gold literally. i gave a jar
to the man who owns my house ! we also got to take L. to the Temple for
baptisms ! truly an amazing experience to see someone feel that
peace that comes from the temple for the first time! 


Today i did something i probably would have never done before. but we saw
one of our investigators walking down the street that we hadnt been able to
get ahold of  as we were driving and we literally did a solid u turn parked
around the corner, andhunted him down. probably the weirdest thing ive ever
done. but we got a return appointment with him so totally worth it. It was
also awkward because he totally saw us drive by.


Today i Learned a lot about faith and its importnce. but because i dont have
time to write it out .... go read the Bible dictionary the word "faith."
mind blowing things in there.


Exchanges with Elder VL.  We learned earlier in the weeek in district
meeting about the importance of diligence. even when things get hard and so
we really tried applying it this day and we were blessed for it! all day no
one was home but we kept jugging along and that night in a matter of 7
houses we taught three lessons and added 2 new investigators!

Sunday :

Church was awesome we had C. and another investigator abd a ton of less
actives which was great ! So awesome to see these people coming back to
church. But i invite all you to read doctrine and covenants 9:8-9 and see
what it says about prayer becasue thats what i learned today.

Have a great week everyone i love you all!

Elder Kristensen

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