Wednesday, 14 January 2015

January 12, 2015-THE POLICE

This week we've had some rather exciting events. Also a very spiritual one.


We played tons of basketball and i discovered the Ione Chinese food
Restraunt. Literally the Best thing and the closest thing to Edo that i
have! We also had an amazing experience. Just before we were leaving the
Jackson family history center a women was trying to get in. We let her in
and asked her how we could help. She immediately broke down into to tears
and needed help, and someone sent her to the family history center at the
church to find that. We werent able to physically do a lot for her because i
dont know how to do family history but she just needed comfort and hope. We
were able to provide that kind of hope, and one of the most  touching
opportunities to show Christ like love that I've had.


Today marks the day I got an investigator with a Baptismal Date. Woohooo.
now we just have to work towards them. I also was able to receive a lovely
letter from my mother. She sent me a letter that included an old lesson plan
of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. My relationship with Christ absolutely
increased!! Totally inspired. One of the most important things i got from it
is repentance takes practice !


Today we set Goals as a zone. That Goal is to invite people to baptism no
later than the second lesson. It's super important for people to understand
our purpose ASAP. That purpose is to invite others to come unto to Christ by
helping them receive the restored Gospel through Faith in Jesus Christ and
His atonement, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and
enduring to the end.

so Elder Simms and i did that. we invited someone that night and then Boom!
another person on date.


Most exciting thing today was a young man in our ward was planning on asking
a girl to the formal dance at High School! So boss. This kid wrote a poem
and at the end of the highschool basketball game she was playing went to the
center of the court infront of everyone with a microphone and read this poem
asking her to the dance. Super sly. We werent there but got to watch it on
video. We helped write the finishing line of the poem.


Zone Training!! was amazing!! we learned a lot about conversion. And the
Importance of it. A testimony is not enough people ! you have to be fully
converted to the Lord and it takes constant effort. we were invited to
really pray about our conversion and seek to know where we are at and how we
can improve! i invite all you to do the same. Think about Peter and his
conversion and learn from him!


So the worst thing about being in a car area is .... your in a car. all.
day. long. It's Awful. Makes you tired and lousy sometimes. So we decided to
take our bikes out today... BEST IDEA. Fresh air, plus it was warm and you
get to talk to so many more people. We also did more flyer tracting. Which
is awesome! getting so many potential from it! but we pretty much had the
best of both worlds this night. Lots of very angry people but also happy !


Alright today we were able to see the ffruits of our labours and also the
role of the spirit in conversion. today we had 3 less active couples come to
church who we've been working with!! one of the families literally havent
been to church in 15 years! It took being bold but we invited them to church
and they came. I'll just skip to the end of the day. so we got the Police
called on us. Goes to show how exciting the Town of Ione CA is. we were
flyer tracting about 7:40pm just about to turn in for the night and see some
members. there was a house that had a sign that said "do not right doorbell
Ezabel is sleeping! please Knock"... so i knocked. The outside light came
on, someone looked through the eye hole in the door then a house alarm went
off. sounded like a car alarm in the garage so we just let it go and left.
Next thing you know there were 3 police cars ripping around the corner with
their high beams on us. Yup most exciting thing in Ione is two missionaries
and a 16 year old member knocking doors.

Anyways this week has been amazing! the spirit has led us to people and we
have been able to teach more than 30 lessons whether on the street  or in
homes! We've doing our best. 

everyone read Helaman 5:12!

Yours truly,

Elder Kristensen

The Sick nasty bonfire we had! 
This is for my mother! this is the most unbelievable Christmas light house

ever!!! Its a member from our ward!

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