Tuesday, 29 March 2016

March 28, 2016-Find, Teach

Hello family and friends ! It has been a very busy week as we made great effort in sharing the message of the atonement at this time. I hope you all had a good time with family and made Christ the center of your weekend !
This week was busy . Lots of work teaching and trying to find. We saw success in both. There were two very cool things happen this week.
The first was our zone finding activity.  We got together Saturday morning and had a little devotional given by our zone leaders to pump us up for what we called a "2hour of power." We started at 11 am -1pm and did just straight finding.  Elder t and I began by first praying to know where to go. My impression or thought was to go to an apartment complex that we had already been too . And I questioned it because I thought I might have been not very creative in my ideas. But then elder t said "now I know this seems weird, but I think we should go to the river plaza apartments again." THAT WAS THE EXACT APARTMENT I WAS THINKING. So we went. And for an hour we had a few contacts and handed out a copy of the Book of Mormon but the guy wasn't very interested . We were both pretty disappointed since we had done an entire loop in the apartment and almost were to our car. Last door.... We meet this guy named M. He was the reason why went to that complex . We shared a message of the atonement with him out of the Book of Mormon. After he heard one of the scriptures he was so surprised and said " what book are you reading from and how do I get one ?!" Plus he just got married... And between him and his new wife they have 8 kids and one on the way. Perfect.
The other miracle was on Sunday. We were struggling having investigators keep their commitments to come to church. But through fasting and prayer we had a lot of our precious investigators attend church and that surprised both elder t and I. People we thought never would come showed up. Might have to do with Easter but we are going to see about next week. 
Conference is coming up everyone so I invite you all to come with questions about anything and I promise that with a sincere heart and with real intent those questions will be answered. The Holy Ghost is a reality ! He is real and will give you revelation. Just seek it ! Love you all !
Elder kristensen
This bird almost flew and hit me in the head.

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