Thursday, 24 March 2016

March 21, 2016- Busy Week!

Hello family ! 
This was an incredibly busy week. Filled with lots of teaching appointments and finding activities. I loved every second of it.  We worked so hard this week and I gained a testimony of weekly planning. Not weakly planning but weekly planning. It is key to a successful week. Once you get that down your week goes way smoother and more effective. It takes sometime but worth it. Thanks to an idea inspired by kaden oviatt my missionary experience  has been way more effective .   
This week N (18 year old baptized a few weeks ago ) came out with us almost every day. He has been such a help on fellow shipping and teaching. He is getting so excited for his own mission. He even goes out finding with us. He is willing to do the hard part of missionary work (also the most fun). 
I don't know how else to explain this week... We just worked hard ! R  was interviewed by president Jardine on Sunday. President Jardine is starting to work on Rs application to the first presidency approval for baptism! We are so excited !! 
Also D ( another investigator we have been teaching) was interviewed for baptism and passed. So he should be baptized next weekend. Great kid ! I'll tell more about him next week !   
I started to get a little sick on Wednesday. Thursday it picked up. Then Friday I was practically dead. I had a fever and a super intense head cold. But we had to many appointments and I'm not very smart, so we went out and taught. I could hardly keep my eyes open. I got accused for falling asleep in one of our lessons because I was fighting off a sneeze.  
Saturday we attended C's funeral in east Sacramento. I was grateful to have been able to see many people who I love from mission oak ward. A lot of C's family attended. And it was so sad to see. I wish they knew and understood the plan of happiness of our father in heaven.  That's all I could think about. There is so much comfort in truly knowing gods plan.  Knowing exactly where we came from why we are here and where we are going will give some of the most comfort when things like this happen. 
But I was also sick like a dog that day. We had stake conference that night and had elder higham from the seventy give a devotional.   President Jardine was there and after the devotional he stared me straight in the eye and told me that I was staying in bed on Sunday then turned to elder T and told him that he was big enough to keep me there. So Sunday I stayed in all day . Super lame. I was very excited for Sunday because of the general authority being there. 
Anyways gotta go ! 
Elder kristensen 
Elder T looking after me and good ol' Sacramento ! 

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