Tuesday, 15 March 2016

March 14, 2016-780 to the 916

Malo e leile!
So sorry about not writing last week. I sent an email and it had a video and wouldn't send it . Then I ran out of time . So I am terribly sorry !!
Here is my update on this week. It was a great week. Super busy .
I'll tell you first off the "book of Mormon musical" has been in Sacramento this week. And if you don't know the play is quite derogatory towards the church. ( I won't deny some of the music is not that bad ) BUT the purpose of the play is to make fun. So what the mission has done is set a booth up outside of the theatre with a massive stack of copies of the Book of Mormon to hand out to everyone. Over two nights the mission has handed out 300 copies of the Book of Mormon and has generated lots of referrals. Anyways so Fox News wanted to interview president Jardine about the play being in town and what he thought about it. After receiving approval from salt lake president Jardine was interviewed, asked questions , THEN turned the interview around and started teaching the lady interviewing him over the news. How amazing is that ??? He read Moroni 10:3-5 , also known as moroni's promise and committed her to read the Book of Mormon. Coolest thing.
Also want to tell you about one of our new investigators. We received a Referal from president Jardine to go and see someone that just was released from prison after being there for 18 years. He was in a half way facility and we were approved to enter. He is one of the greatest men I've ever met. He is about 70 years old. He has been going to church for the last 9 years in prison. He was teaching classes  at one point . How amazing is that ? I'm pretty sure he knows more about the gospel than I do ! He's been going to church longer than I've held the priesthood. So humble and respectful and resembles a perfect change of heart.  So we are working with president to get him approved by the first presidency of the church to have him baptized. What a miracle.
Littler spiritual thought that a less active member of the church gave me was
" God will give us more than we can handle, because if he didn't give us more than we could handle we would never need to rely on him and experience the great blessing and joy of his atonement."
Next time you are given something you can't handle, know that God can, and you should access his power through the saviors atonement.
Also we had zone conference this week ! Lots of great things learned ! It was very centered on the Book of Mormon and also the new Easter initiative. Which I hope you ALL. Will watch. I will attach some of my notes from it.
To understand prayer you must first understand that God is your loving Heavenly Father . 
He wants to hear from us so we may know by what name we will be called
"No one has failed who  keeps trying and keeps praying"- elder holland.
When we are genuine we have real intent.
Spend more time meditating
In prayer we don't convey anything he doesn't already know. He knows it all. Doesn't matter how we say it or ask it, Heavenly Father just needs to hear it. Needs to feel our desire. He needs to know we want to act.
LOVE YOU ALL.  The work is great. We had a fina'ofa on Friday which is one big Tongan ward event.... So. Much. Food. I ate horse. Don't ask questions.
Elder kristensen
President Jardine on the news.
Also super crazy. At the north stake center we went to go practice singing ( also I sang at some conference .. Yikes) there was another group practicing. Turns out the group practicing was from elder tokis home town in laie Hawaii . His family and friends were all in this group. What are the chances ?

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