Wednesday, 2 March 2016

March 1, 2016-It feels like summer...

Hello family ! This will have to be a quick one sorry ! 
First week of the transfer has passed and it has happened super fast. Looking after two wards is great though. I love the Tongan ward. Sacrament meeting hymns are so much more powerful and spirit filled than the regular sacrament meetings. It's true they give you lots of food. But more than worth it. It tastes sooooo good. They have food at every event .  Kinda crazy. We also are allowed to learn Tongan. So that will be cool.  
This was a good week. A big chunk was preparing brother R baptism that happened. So that's awesome. President Jardine came . So that is always stressful. Especially because we started a half an hour late waiting for R's son to show up. It was a wonderful baptism ! Went smoothly. Plus he gave an amazing testimony. Hopefully in a year he will be sealed to his lovely wife. This was a long time waiting and we are so happy that it happened. 
Church is super long. We are there from 9-5:30. It is a great day of meetings. Double the sacrament ! The rest of these pictures are of the zone activity we did ! Elder O was going home so we had some fun. Including a chalk fight.  
I love you all. I know the gospel is true. It has changed too many lives for the better. It has changed my life for the better. And it is 100 % because of the atonement that my life has been changed. I don't know what it'd be like without the savior . Clearly not good . He's real! He lives! If you don't know this.... Then ask. He will answer. 
Elder kristensen  

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