Tuesday, 5 April 2016

April 4, 2016-REVELATION

Hello family ! 
I'm going to send you pictures of everything cool that has happened this week. First picture is of the temple tour we went on with 2 of our investigators and a recent convert. D and P are both being baptized this week. Elder T( a senior missionary from the office) offered to do a special one just for us. Went very well and was very powerful. It was a blessed night. 
The second picture is when we had zone training. Zone training was focused on three Christ like attributes acts needs work and that was diligence, virtue and gratitude . I got to train on diligence. Which is one of my favorite things to do. Lots was learned and the zone this month should hopefully be blowing it up. 
Third, our entire zone was sick this week and we were the only few that weren't. What kept us healthy you might ask ? Gatorade and water. 
Fourth , elder D ( one of my past companions ) goes home next week. Elder Dis one of my best friends that I have gained on my mission. I love this elder to death . So before he went we planned a temple trip together. So we went and did an endowment session together then went to lunch. He flys back to Japan. Miss him a ton. 
Last, I was asked to attend Missionary leadership council. For whatever reason they asked all e leadership to be there, so this picture is of all the leadership in the mission. The meeting was very long but very good. No lots of revelation was received. I also felt very inadequate as a leader , so I definitely learned humility at the meeting. But it kind of left me wondering how possibly can I reach my goal. But immediately the atonement came to my mind . I finally realized what it really meant to need to rely on the atonement for something I know I could not do. And I finally humbled myself to recognize in the past to see how much he has helped me. Then this weekend at conference the words were said " Jesus was the perfect leader because he was the perfect follower." Boom that's how I could do it. I need to follow the councils of my leaders and mission president and doing the work even more than I did before. 
Conference was amazing. I got an answer to every single question I had. The church is true. The prophets are truly men called and ordained to a sacred calling to bless us . I love the lord and his gospel. It's true. 
Love you all ! Elder kristensen

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