Thursday, 25 February 2016

February 22, 2016-Week

Hello family ! 
It has been an exciting !! Here are the highlights ! 
So all week we have been preparing for a couple baptisms and teaching a few appointments. I did go on Hmong exchanges again. But Monday night I burnt my tongue so bad I couldn't taste any food all week long. I could only feel the texture of my food. So that was really sad because we had some incredible meals this week. We even had a Lao dinner with elder P and elder P.   Too bad. Next week ! 
So we had two baptisms planned this week for 11am Saturday and 7 pm . On Friday night at 8:30 pm we were notified that we had to move the baptism to 5 pm. So you could imagine our frantic Friday evening after that. This baptism had been planned for weeks and now we have to change it ?! Ya that was really exciting. Luckily the lord blessed us to talk to as many people as we needed to so we could move the baptism. 
It hasn't helped not having a ward mission leader, but we have more news on that later. The baptisms went over really well. They were pretty much back to back so we were at the church for a few hours. I thank Heavenly Father for letting those go smoothly ! 
That same night we also got transfer calls. Elder t and I were so distracted figuring out the baptisms that we forgot about transfers !!! So we got the news ... 
Such a relief .... I was so terrified. I love my companion and area so much. 
The only twist is .... 
Yup we are now looking after the Tongan people in Sacramento. Super cool. Both super excited. Really not to sure how we are going to keep up with two wards because we can hardly do 1. But that's when the lord comes in ! 
On Sunday we were notified that we will receive a ward mission leader !! His name is ML. We LOVE THE Ls. They replaced my bike tires and fed us food and have done countless things for the elders. He is amazing. I remember elder  t and I joking about him being our ward mission leader... Then It actually happened !!
It's been a great week! 
-this is Z our 5pm baptism !! He is great. His baptism was a miracle, it has been long time waiting for him to be baptized. 3 years. A few miracles later then boom ! His cousins are all members and now he is the only one in his family. He goes to seminary every morning and ALL church activities. 
-this is N our 7pm baptism ! He was a referral to elder t and I . He is 18. Such a great kid. Wants to serve a mission so bad, and has an incredible testimony !! 
-This guy, for all you football fans, used to play for the Ottawa renegades and now coaches for the sac state .  This is called stingers up. His name is brother P . 

Elder kristensen 

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